2017 Euphoria Music Festival Review

2017 Euphoria Music Festival Review

The Euphoria Music Festival only goes by one rule. That rule is to find your Euphoria. I can most certainly say that I found mine throughout the four days and three nights I spent at this magical place. Euphoria showcased a variety of musical talents on its four stages. These stages are the Euphoria main stage, the Elements stage, the Dragonfly stage, and the Silent Disco stage. When I first arrived on April 6, only the Silent Disco stage was open. The festival grounds did not open fully until that Friday. That first night the Silent Disco stage offered a glimpse of what was to come. Four artists performed that Thursday. Sculptures and art were also being put up at the time.


Thursday gave me time to really settle in and meet my camping neighbors. Many people at Euphoria were very friendly including the staff, campers, artists, and other people running the festival. On Friday, the entire festival opened. Music typically started mid-afternoon. The Euphoria main stage featured a lot of jam bands and some EDM music. The Elements stage featured a lot more digitized-sounding EDM where the Euphoria stage was more instrumental. The Dragonfly stage featured a lot of trap and trip hop sounding music. This stage had some nice scenery because it was by the Colorado River.  Often music would be playing at more than one of the stages at the same time. There was one spot in the middle of the festival grounds where I could hear all of the music from the three stages playing at once. It was very fun to let my ears take the lead to wherever I went to listen. On Friday, big headliners were Pretty Lights, Knife Party and Moving Castle Takeover.

Friday and Saturday also featured the Silent Disco stage. This stage was unlike the other three. People could get headphones and listen to the show being performed through their headphones while the band played on stage in front of them. As the festival went on, more art and vendors also came about. There was a wide variety of food options to choose from, including finding your “spirit taco”. In order to find your spirit taco, you had to fill out a form that asked about five questions. After that you could then receive a small free taco. I personally enjoyed the chicken taco the most. I was a creative taco. The art expanded greatly as the festival progressed. There was a giving tree, where people could leave an item and take one. There was a tree where people wrote things they wished, thought, or wanted to pass on. People  wrote their thoughts and clipped them on the tree. There were also people selling paintings and other forms of art.

Saturday featured a variety of performers. Headliners included Alesso, Young Thug and The Floozies. I personally really enjoyed Bakermat‘s performance on Saturday. He featured great sounds that included a wicked cool saxophone. Saturday definitely was the busiest day of the festival. People were everywhere and wore all sorts of things. Euphoria allows people to be liberated. Some people wore bright colors while others wore animal costumes. Anything imaginable could be found. Some people dressed as butterflies, walked on stilts, or covered themselves in paint. People could almost be called exhibits or performers themselves. One woman and man brought in a giant sculpture that they stood on while people took pictures of them.

euphoria music festival

Many people performed light tricks with light up poi balls, hula-hoops, and other fun extensions. I stuck with running around and blowing bubbles. Watching the people dance and perform to the music was just as beautiful as watching the DJs and artists perform their music. (picture of person performer) Sunday brought a more relaxed vibe. People seemed pretty tired from the night before. Though the music stopped at 2 a.m. other people would still play music.

euphoria music festival

Sunday featured headliners Whiz Khalifa, Zeds Dead and Grum. Euphoria also provided hammocks and some people brought their own. They were lovely to take naps in. As the festival came to a close Sunday night, I could not have imagined a different Euphoria experience for myself. As silly as cliches sound, our vibes really do attract our tribes. Euphoria is about more than just music or art. It is about the connections we make. Euphoria brings people together. It is about love and liberation from responsibilities. Euphoria is to be free.

Check out the video below to see Euphoria through my eyes. See you next year Euphoria.


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Photos courtesy of Beth Pottroff

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