4 Reasons To Be Psyched For Winter Shows And Festivals

4 Reasons To Be Psyched For Winter Shows And Festivals

Of course, it is always a little sad for concert-goers when the summer season is coming to a close. The trees are starting to change color, the air is much crisper and pumpkin spice floods our world. Ah, fall is in the air. Although festie season and outdoor concerts are coming to a brisk end, there is still some hope. Winter shows and festivals can still be just as rockin’ as their summertime competitor. Here is a list of reasons to still be totally pumped for this cold era!

1. Cold Weather Clothing Can Be Adorable// Sexy

Through the plethora of individual style that comes from the concert scene, dressing for cold weather events can be intimidating. There are two choices, right? Either freeze on your way into the venue or sweat it out inside. Wrong!

The best option is to use those winter classics to accent your usual style! Pick out a funky hat, or a beautiful scarf and rock it like it’s no one’s business. Yes, layers can absolutely be your friend. It is more than possible to create a sexy winter show or festival outfit. And, if you are resistant to incorporating that into your ensemble, I know from experience that its possible to stash your coat or extra clothes somewhere.


2. The Winter Vibes are Incredible

During the summer there are so many fun activities happening all the time. Hiking, swimming, biking, food events, drinking events.. the list goes on. On the other hand, winter shows and festivals are few and far between. That seems like a negative, but everyone attending is super excited for each specific event.

This means each concert becomes one of the sole ways for a person to let loose in those colder months. It is an escape from reality (as any show is), but one of the only releases during the winter. That means the vibes are just going to be so pure and full of excitement emitting from the whole crowd.


3. Travel to New Destinations

Playing off of the point from before, winter shows and festivals do not happen nearly as much. Especially festivals. This means that you can plan an entire trip around your favorite artist visiting a city. It really is a huge win because hotels, travel, and amenities are usually much cheaper in the colder months. You can explore a new place, see a DJ or entire festival, and spend so much less money than usual! I mean who doesn’t love to play in the snow!

4. The Tunes are still Absolute Fire

This is probably the most obvious, but also the most uplifting. Weather will not affect your absolute favorite artist’s performance. It does not matter if it is snowing, raining, sleeting or hailing, the music will still be fantastic.

Also, if you are at a show or festival while it’s snowing, the experience becomes that much more magical! Go listen to some fantastic music with your best friends and enjoy the winter events! And no worries anyway, because another summer festival season is always around the corner!


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