4 Ways to Improve Music Festivals

4 Ways to Improve Music Festivals

Music festivals are the new bandwagon that millennials are jumping onto and for good reason. It’s the perfect escape from reality to forget all the unnecessary stress caused by school, work, family or whatever the source may be . The usual scene is 2-3 days of nonstop music mixed with an all you can eat variety of food. Not that there is anything wrong with this layout, but with revolution comes change and so I’ve decided to put my two cents in on possible improvements that could enhance the festival goers experience.


1. Free Cologne and Deodorant

Could you imagine a task force who walk around the festival spraying down hot and sweaty people with cologne or deodorant. Whether its passing out mini samples for people to keep on them or just getting a friendly spray on your way to the next main stage, there always comes a point when everyone’s deodorant is wearing off and the day is barely over. Halfway through, music festivals start to smell terrible and this simple idea is the perfect solution. Months or years down the road you’ll get a whiff of Old Spice and think about how great Coachella was.


2. Designated Area for Shoulder GirlsReading Festival - Day 2

Think about it, a section off to the side of the stage that allows girls to be on the shoulders of men. We all know that this is allowed anywhere at any music festival, but it can be so inconvenient for the solo or short festival goer. So why don’t we bunch them all together and make everybody happy.  The Shoulder Girl ordeal is becoming an epidemic, and festivals need to start cracking down before it’s to late.


3. Netflix Stations

There comes a time when everyone faces a sad truth about his or her festival experience. “My stamina isn’t quite where it should be.” The best way to truly enjoy music is to be well rested. Sometimes a good episode of Greys Anatomy and a couch is all you need to get re-energized for that Skrillex set coming up. Netflix tents need to happen.

4. Spot Holders

Theoretically speaking, music festivals should be about enjoying new music, friends, food, and culture. It should be a place where one walks from stage to stage, experiencing artists new and old. This is rarely the case. Festivals are becoming bigger, leading to headliners that far overshadow the acts that preceded them and the creation of a major dilemma. Do you wait by the main stage all afternoon so you can see the headliner up-close, or do you catch all the small acts and end up way in back for the grand finale? The solution is spot-holders. They hold your spot in the crowd, alert you when the show’s about to start, and hold up a tall flag so you can find them.






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