5 New EDM Genres to Check Out

5 New EDM Genres to Check Out

EDM has been around for decades, but it is still evolving every day. House has always remained the most popular EDM genres, but there are some new players in the game. These upcoming EDM genres are rapidly gaining in popularity, and you may even see them rising into mainstream EDM.

EDM Genres: Psychedelic Trance

Also known as “Psy Trance”, this upcoming genre is a more euphoric version of trance made popular by artists such as Infected Mushroom and Neelix. You can sometimes catch this style at festivals such as Electric Forest, but never on the main stage. However, musical genres are constantly evolving, and it’s never certain what the next big thing will be.

Future Bass

If you like synths, then Future Bass is for you. Becoming more popular in 2016, Future Bass continues to skyrocket in popularity and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With a large variety of sounds, it can be enjoyed by a large population of EDM lovers. Artists like ODESZA and Flume are hot commodities in the Future Bass community.

Ghetto Funk

If you love hip-hop and EDM, you can’t go wrong with some Ghetto Funk. This genre marries the two together, with notable artists such as DJ Funk and Funkanomics. There’s nothing wrong with EDM getting a little funky sometimes, and this genre does a great job mixing electro with funk.

Electro Rock

Let’s face it, rock will never die. Just when you think it’s dead, it comes back in some new and inventive genre, such as Electro Rock. This is a high energy genre perfect for headbanging and raging. If you live life in the fast lane, this one’s for you. Check out some cool ER artists such as Pendulum and Ratatat.

Nu Disco

Add 70’s disco music with Tropical House and you have Nu Disco. It’s the perfect mesh between funky and beachy, perfect for outdoor beach festivals and pool parties. Some artists to make note of include Chromeo and Classixx. Nu Disco is good vibes all around.

There are plenty of upcoming genres to keep an eye on and a lot of original sounds being made. Keep your ears open and the party going!


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