5 Past EDM and Hip-Hop collaborations on this Throwback Thursday.

5 Past EDM and Hip-Hop collaborations on this Throwback Thursday.

Recently I was listening to music on Pandora and I had it on shuffle. And to my surprise, Chris Brown feat. Benny Benassi, “Beautiful People”, song comes on; that track was released back in 2012. After that, I was left thinking about songs where there was an EDM and Hip-Hop mash-up and we probably forgot existed. In my case, I completely forgot about the song, “Beautiful People”, so below is a list of previous EDM and Hip-Hop collaborations that we might want to include in our playlists once again.

5. Skrillex featuring Wale, “Let’s Get Down”. Wale’s bars over the dubstep sounds make for a great fusion. We first heard this track back in 2012, and it isn’t the first genre crossover for both artists.

4. Bassnectar featuring Lupe Fiasco, “Vava Voom”. This track was one of the singles in Bassnectar’s 7th studio album (with the same name), back in 2012. Those dubstep drops and Lupe’s flow sure made for a great collaboration.

3. Calvin Harris featuring Kelis, “Bounce”. Did I take you back with this one? This song was released back in 2011. The electro-house and pop influences gave one the feels of being apart of a video game. At least that was the case for me.

2. Bassnectar featuring Mighty High Coup, “The 808 Track”. The Atlanta based hip-hop group and the American DJ/Producer came together for dubstep hit back in 2010. The track was later featured in show, Breaking Bad.

1. Tiesto vs. Diplo featuring Busta Rhymes, “C’mon (Catch ‘Em By Surprise)”. This song dates back to 2011. The song includes the production style of Tiesto and Diplo, trance and electro-pop, with the notable rap style of Busta Rhymes.

Did I take you back with these tracks or what? Oldies but goodies, indeed! Make sure to share your all time fav track/s with us.

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