7 Unique Items to Better Your Festival Experience

7 Unique Items to Better Your Festival Experience

Festival season is among us. This is literally music to everyone’s ears.  Therefore, it is very important for each attendee to prepare properly for the elements that will soon surround them. Of course, as a festival goer you know to bring a tent, food, and clothing as a bare minimum. Yet, I am here to give a list of some items that would make your festival experience even better. The things that are not necessary, but will only improve your experience! Who doesn’t want to lead a luxurious festival lifestyle?!

1. Too Much Water

I know that this sounds a little ridiculous. But, the worst situation to get into is dehydrating yourself and needing to buy overpriced water. Leaving a festival with extra (too much) water is only a good thing. This means that your group was properly prepared and hydrated throughout the entire hot weekend. Of course if you do not buy an excess amount of water, most festivals will have a spigot for water. But, there is something special about the luxury of having a full supply of water and beverages at the campsite.

1 water

2.  Portable Shower

Yes, this is absolutely a luxury item and not necessary for a successful festival experience. But, oh boy does it make it better! This item can be filled up at the spigot stations for use. These portable showers help to clean off your inevitably dirty body without having to spend precious spending money at festival shower stations. Also, this device is a great way to cool off during a hot mid summer day!

2 portable shower

3. Easy- Up

An easy-up is very close to being a must have for a festival. And honestly, the more the merrier. A festival mid summer, no matter what state you are in, has the potential to be overwhelmingly hot or humid. An easy up can help in shielding you and your friends from the sun to avoid over heating, dehydration and sun burn. Although some camp grounds are full of trees and natural shade, more often than not this is not the case. Therefore, an easy up will only help to protect you!

3 easy up

4. Tapestry

A tapestry is an item that carries two important jobs to improve your festival experience. First of all, hanging your beautiful tapestries onto your easy up will create a whole new level of shade. Most easy ups do not come with walls and a tapestry is a perfect way to block the sun… and it helps to make your campsite look super funky! Secondly, you can take that tapestry right off and it becomes a seat for going to listen to music. Some campgrounds do not have grass which forces your to sit on dirt or sand. A tapestry is a much lighter item to carry and hold onto than a fold up chair while making your trek to and from music.

4 tapestry

5. Waterproof Shoes

Totally not necessary, but waterproof shoes and sandals rock for music festivals. Not having to worry about dirtying or destroying your shoes is a great feeling. You can put your feet in water proof sandals right under a spigot to instantly cool off during a hot festival day. These shoes can also help you out if an unfortunate rain storm enters your festival weather!! Stay dry!


6. Hammock

A hammock can be great way to lounge at a festival. They are a fun way to  hang our with friends at the camp site or listening to music. Depending on how the festival grounds are set up it can be a challenge to find a good spot for this item. But if you do have the luck to set it up, a hammock is such a great way to nap with or without friends! At nothing else this becomes a portable bed!


7. Glitter

Perhaps the most unnecessary (but necessary) item on this list. Glitter, among other body makeup or jewel items, is a fun way to spice up your festival wardrobe.  Everyone can enjoy this inexpensive and fun trend! Glitter is also a way to meet new friends if he or she is interested in wearing some too! Making new friends will only lead to improving your festival experience!


Although these items will help improve your festival experience, above everything else, be sure to just bring positive vibes and have fun this festival season!!

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