Return of The Zo

Return of The Zo

Mat Zo delivered a techno and house set along with Anjunabeats classics at Beta Nightclub on February 1.  Accompanying the great sound setting was minimal lighting effects throughout the Thursday night.

As midnight approached, the crowd applauded as Mat Zo stepped into the Dj booth for his long-awaited return. Taking over the decks, he applies a reverb and filter effect to start the night. Front of house then dims the lighting, and all goes black with music filling the room.

The night starts with a synthesizer lead introduction with a lite strobe effect. Leaving everyone startled and eager for more of what is to come from him. With a memorized audience  and living in the moment, no one had a phone in the air. With the four on the floor house beat song selection Mat Zo had going for the first ten minutes. He then took a deep dark turn and was beginning to deliver dark techno sounds. The crowd screams and cheers of excitement as Mat Zo had tension build ups with strobing lighting effects and lasers.

Within thirty minutes he  delivers well know tracks “Get Down 2 Get Up” remix  and Soul Food. Not a phone was in the air. With everyone swaying and grooving,  Zo then teases everyone with a classic, “Bipolar.”

Building tension for the last thirty minutes of the night he drops, Jauz’s “Feel the Volumne.” He then proceeds with  aggressive house beats having everyone jumping with excitement. With a sudden drop, Mat Zo has everyone humming to his classic “Mozart.” Showcasing his well known tracks,  he goes into “Easy” by Porter Robinson and himself. Calm melodic tunes were setting forth, before the tension is then set with the build up of “Rebound.”

Closing out the night, Mat Zo then drops drum and bass to close out the journey, he took everyone on. With the minimal lighting and no LED screen through the night, it was not your usual Thursday night at Beta.

Featured photo credit: Todd DWYoung