[Watch] A Tribe Called Red – Indian City (Single)

[Watch] A Tribe Called Red – Indian City (Single)

One of the more unique EDM acts I’ve been interested in, A Tribe Called Red, has a new song out called Indian City” featuring Black Bear. A Tribe Called Red is Native American and mixes traditional tribal music with synths and the standard beats and drops of EDM. Not only is A Tribe Called Red unique, they are perhaps one of the only acts doing what they do. Indian Cityfeaturing Black Bear is a great introduction to their style and what A Tribe Called Red brings to the EDM world.

The start of “Indian City” is fast, throwing you the listener right into the percussion. There is a rapidness to the kicks and snares, while the beats and breaks add a funk element. The builds know exactly what they’re doing, coming through more like drum and bass at times, but unifying the song at the drop.

“Indian City” kind of defies the traditional drop in dubstep or the equivalent in trap, and simply just embraces the continued, rapid pace flow. In this way, the bass comes though more, while keeping the drum and bass elements just a hair above too crunchy. This is hard to attain in any song, let alone one where the pace is so quick.

The more traditional Native American vocals and the work done by Black Bear is absolutely stunning. The rise and fall adds more intensity to an already adrenaline-fueled beat, harmonizing so well overall, but especially around the chorus. Once the chorus kicks in, the more isolated yells and effects really show how they’ve been unifying the song the whole time.

Indian City” by A Tribe Called Red is one of the few songs I don’t have critiques for when all is said and done. Check out the amazing official music video on below and show A Tribe Called Red some love today!

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