[WATCH] AC Slater “Dealer” With Tchami & Rome Fortune

[WATCH] AC Slater “Dealer” With Tchami & Rome Fortune

While I was on Facebook a few days ago, OWSLA released a new song. As curiosity hit, I decided to click on it because why not? Little did I know, this would have been one of my favorite songs. “Dealer” by AC Slater feat Tchami and Rome Fortune is a must listen. If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?

The collaboration between the three is dope. From different styles, each contributor brings something special to the table. AC Slater with the initial track, Rome Future with vocals and Tchami with polishing the drop bass. Each element brings Dealer to life.

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AC Slater New Single “Dealer”

Ac Slater

Photo Courtesy Of Music Video

Dealer is the perfect deep house song to check out. Partnering with Tchami and Rome Fortune, its dynamic in more ways than one. Starting off with a tranquil introduction then switches over to hip hop/trap then finally the dramatic transition into house.

When I first listened to Dealer, I didn’t know what expect. I honestly thought it was going to be predominantly hip-hop/trap track but I’m glad I was wrong. Alongside, the visuals were on point. The music video was something I couldn’t keep my eyes off of. From the usage of color to the constant dancing, it was why I broke the replay button. It actually made me start voguing! Everything was a 10/10 in my book.

I would recommend this track if you’re tired of hearing the same things. Especially, since Tchami is on it. All of the artists on this track makes the listening worth while. Tchami recently released World To Me two weeks ago and that’s also a must listen. Check it out here.

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