An Interview with Adam Port

An Interview with Adam Port

In our interview series ahead of The BPM Music Festival we spoke with Producer and DJ Adam Port who started making music nine years ago and will not be slowing down anytime soon. Port will soon release new songs that are sure to impress. Currently, Port already has his music endeavors for the next sixth months planned out.

Port has planned for the next year already. He looks forward to releasing a Remix EP here in December titled ‘Nick Monaco – Half Naked (Adam Port Free Wifi Remix)’ through the label Crew Love Records. In January he and the hip hop group Stereo MCs will release ‘Changes EP’ through the label Freerange. Near the end of March he will release ‘Adam Port EP’ through the label Keinemusik and sometime in the summer of 2017 he will release a ‘Summer 2017 Remix’ through Cocoon Recordings.

imm018_20Port hails from Berlin, Germany. He was born in Sopot, Poland and moved to Berlin in the 1980’s. Port always loved music and listened to a variety of genres when he was young. He started making music in 2009 as a DJ. The first single he ever released was his 2009 ‘Boogie Bass’. Port credits his musical influences to his ears and everything around him.

“I am influenced by everything I listen to, the radio, different music genres, all of it.” Port said. “All the influences come together and I can create a vibe that feels right. It’s me just doing what I love and it’s fun!”

Port loves making house and disco music. According to Port, the definition of ‘EDM’ in Germany varies from the American definition. In Germany, EDM mainly includes artists like David Guetta, whereas house is more the style of what he does. Port enjoys house and disco music the most because of the freedom that comes with it.

“When playing hip hop people only want to listen to the hits and songs they know. With house and disco, people want to listen to vibes and what’s in the moment,” He said. “They love it and I don’t have to play the same hit songs.”

Port’s music continues to evolve and grow. Since 2009, Port has continued to develop his skills to create more complex and professional songs.

adam port“It’s the same vibes that I loved in 2009, but at a higher level,” Port said.

He never ceases to stop making music. For him, it is a passion and a lifestyle. Port loves the vibes and feelings music creates. Every day or two Port plays around with various tones, melodies, loops, or sounds to try to create an atmosphere. Once Port obtains the desired atmosphere, he starts to build other things around it. His results are phenomenal.

Adam Port mainly uses his computer to create the different sounds for his songs. He loves DJing and producing music because it’s not only entertainment for others, but also for himself. Port plays shows all over the world and loves each place he performs at equally. He always considers his latest song his most successful because each time he produces a song, he knows more about music and everything else than he did the time before.

As for the future, Port hopes to keep on doing what he’s doing.

“I love what I’m doing,” Port said. “I want to keep making what I’m making and keep getting better as I get more involved with the music and to reach as many people as I can.”

Adam Port has already released a variety of EPs, singles, and DJ mixes. His latest EP ‘Sonnenfinsternis’ contains three songs. This EP is unique because each song fits in a different category. The song ‘Sonnenfinsternis’ falls under techno category. The song ‘Working For It’ falls under house, and the final track ‘Tonight’ falls under indie. Port’s music is available on Pandora, Youtube, Beatport, and Soundcloud among other music streaming sites. Port can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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