Alesso Prevails Technical Difficulties

Alesso Prevails Technical Difficulties

Judging by the tone of his voice, Alesso did a great job prevailing the technical difficulties during his set at Countdown NYE! Technical difficulties, is one of the worst things that could happen to any Dj, and it occurred during Alesso’s performance minutes before the New Year. Like most Dj’s, Alesso was excited to show off his carefully thought out performance, in hopes that nothing will interfere with his vision. Sadly due to those technical difficulties, Alesso’s vision did not come true, but it sure did not stop him nor the crowd from celebrating! Thirteen minutes into the recording linked down below, you can hear in Alesso’s voice, a list of emotions as he manages to handle the situation with care.  

It started with a minor pause, a screening of the 60 seconds counting down.. TWICE, and dull lights. It was during that time, Alesso was trying to get answers of what was going on with his plan of execution. Skipping to 13:13 seconds into the recording, Alesso unfolds the truth.

If you listen carefully you can hear his tone of grief and disappointment as he begins to say, “Ok, my friends my friends, we had so many things planned. I had a countdown. I had everything organized, I been working with it with my team. It’s something wrong with my equipment or the stage.” As he continues, in his voice you can hear concern in hopes that everyone will understand. Making the best of the situation, he says, “I think we should do this, all of us countdown from ten to one and wish everyone a happy new year!?”

Hoping he didn’t let the crowd down, he finishes off by asking, “Can we do that?” Alesso then hears the crowd scream with joy! If you listen carefully you can hear the shock and a smile in his tone, as he says “For real!?” After counting down, the beat dropped and the show went on! Everyone at Countdown NYE, wished each other a happy new year with hugs and kisses, as if the technical difficulties never occurred in the first place.


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