Alina Baraz Joins Coldplay “A Head Full of Dreams” Tour

Alina Baraz Joins Coldplay “A Head Full of Dreams” Tour

There are a lot of shows and festivals lined up for this spring and summer. The struggle is so real when you have to choose between saving money or living life by taking the opportunity to see all these shows. Well if this artist , Alina Baraz, didn’t catch your eye in that series of shows lined up, then you are missing out. Alina Baraz is a great downtempo electronic artist, and she is not only playing her own tour but also going on tour with Tove Lo and Coldplay! Coldplay has been playing some funky tropical house music lately and it’ll make you feel groovy. Tove Lo is quite a variety kind of artist. Therefore, you will not be disappointed!

Alina Baraz has hits like “Fantasy,” “Unfold,” “Can I,” “Pretty Thoughts,” e.t.c and I can go on! (P.S. check out Galimatias mixes of Alina Baraz’s songs so good.) As for Coldplay they have been around since the 90’s I’m sure I don’t need to go over their hits. However, if you don’t know who they are, I recommend checking out their old albums if you like feeling the emotions depicted in the songs. Then, check out that tropical house vibe album. Chris Martin has a unique voice and he really hits your heart. As for Tove Lo her hits include “Talking Bodies,” “Bad Habits,” “Say It,” e.t.c. She’s also collaborated with some DJs on other hit songs.

The tour dates are officially announced so find a venue near you. These venues seem to be at stadiums so prepare for a seated event. However, you can still dance by your seat or heck with it go dance with your section in the aisles. If you can’t catch this show be sure to check these artists out live!


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