Alison Wonderland Brings Fun,Spooky Vibes at The Novo in L.A.

Alison Wonderland Brings Fun,Spooky Vibes at The Novo in L.A.

On a spooky day of October 13th, it was ironically fitting for the one and only Alison Wonderland to play at the Novo in L.A to take the audience on her spiritual level.

Alison Wonderland is steadily on the rise as a mainstay DJ and producer in the electronic music industry with her recent accolades of becoming the first artist to win the “New Artist of the Year” award at the inaugural Electronic Music Awards. Her tour, “F*ck Me Up On A Spiritual Level” (FMUOASL) has been getting a lot of recognition and popularity. It has been sold out in several cities throughout the states. Me,I was lucky enough to land a ticket to the sold-out show. I was ecstatic in my own bedroom knowing that I would finally be able to see Alison perform live. I was excited to the point to which it probably matched Alison’s own excitement when she saw a billboard of herself in L.A.:


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Alison Wonderland Brings Fun, Spooky Vibes at The Novo in L.A.

The Novo, owned by Microsoft, was a perfect venue for Alison Wonderland with a pit floor for those who don’t a mind little less elbow room, and a balcony with seats for those who like to relax a little after expending their energy dancing. The acoustics were on point and space was large enough for the performers to display their visuals that best suited their needs.

Before Alison came on stage, her special guest on the tour Elohim, set the mood for the night. Elohim is well known for her featured works on “Love is Alive” with Louis the Child and her most recent collaboration with Whethan on “Sleepy Eyes.” I always have known her just as a vocalist, nothing more than that. But after her performance that night, my views completely changed: she was truly a talented musician.

ELOHIM at The Lovo in L.A

Instead of putting on the typical DJ set, Elohim displayed a solo live performance. Her setup was simple, two keyboards and two mikes. She would play the keys in a simple yet graceful manner that meshed well with the rest of the instruments playing through her laptop. But what impressed me as well was her ability to also sing at the same time, which is not an easy task to do. Her vocal manipulations were another highlight as she used a piece of technological equipment to give experimental, futuristic, and even robotic sounding tones to her voice.

Elohim’s opening was fantastically done. She eased us into the grand performance but still kept us grooving on our feet, which is what any good opener would do. Even though she had a limited amount of time on stage, Elohim was able to somehow to tell her story. A story that was unclear, filled with highs and lows, disturbances and tranquility, sadness and pure joy. The tracklist was well thought out, and the transitions between each song were well done whether it was a robotic voice narration or mixing from her one of her original tracks into Kanye West’s “Wave.” She obviously played her more well-known featured tracks as mentioned earlier, however, I surprisingly found a greater liking to her new unreleased original tracks. Here is a sneak peak to one of her unreleased songs:

Elohim’s Performance at Lovo in L.A

I give a big two thumbs up to Elohim and she might personally be my new favorite up-and-coming artist. I definitely would love to see more of her performances in the future. The way she moves and dances to the music is a real sight to see and it is infectious. Go check out her music on Soundcloud and see her live shows if you get the chance to.

But what you guys are really here to read about is Alison Wonderland’s performance. Her show was downright fun and emotional. Right as she walked on stage, the crowd roared while chanting her name. In response, Alison started off her set with a bang unveiling her unreleased trap-influenced tracks, “Is it Good Enough,” and one that hasn’t been currently identified yet, but check it out below:

Alison Wonderland Incorporates trap and Future Bass

She mostly played a sequence of trap and future bass songs throughout the set. Knowing that she was in L.A., a city that is heavily driven by hip-hop, she had to put in some heavy-hitting hip-hop tracks by Kendrick Lamar and Cardi B. In order to liven up the crowd more, Alison switched up the beats playing house tracks from Disclosure’s “When A Fire Starts to Burn” to Skrillex’s “Chicken Soup,” which got the crowd jumping and caused a semi-shy person like me to be part of the “whoo, whoo” chant. Of course, Alison played her original tracks such as “Run” and “I Want You.” But her latest remix of Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” was the track of the night personally with its heavy-hitting bass and massive horns:

Alison brought in a lot of surprising songs in her performance. She played hardcore metal rock that caught most of the audiences off-guard, while the metalheads were whipping their hairs aggressively. However, the biggest surprise occurred when she trolled the crowd. A lot of us were eagerly anticipating the drop to RL Grime’s festival famous track “Core.” But right when the beat dropped, Alison cut the track and laughed at the audience saying, “Just kidding!” Obviously, we were disappointed with collective groans coming left and right. It was well-played though by Alison because the drop is being overplayed at these electronic concerts (which I am secretly getting sick of personally). A job well done Alison, a job well done:

Alison Wonderland and her Authenticity

Although the tracklist was amazing, Alison’s skills as a DJ was what amazed me the most. Alison displayed glimpses of her DJing that goes beyond than pressing the play button on a CD-J. She was doing something that you don’t see many EDM DJs doing these days: she was scratching. In between certain tracks, she scratched to give her set some more flavor or be able to fill in the missing gaps in a certain track. For Alison to apply real DJing techniques into her set was something that I appreciate a lot as a DJ myself.

Alison Wonderland and Event Review Elohim Review

If you go to any good electronic concert, you are entranced by the artist’s visuals and lighting. Alison Wonderland’s visual presentation was on a whole new level. By collaborating with Microsoft, she brought fans an unforgettable visual experience. With a Microsoft camera tracking her every move, the video jockeys would place in effects that would completely transform Alison’s environment and her own physical body. I personally have never seen anything like this at a show. Seeing someone’s body being used as a visual prop was such a genius idea and I could not help at times to be sucked in by the visual movements on the screen.

Alison ironically closed out her set with RL Grime’s “Core” as a way to satisfy our desires for a heaving-hitting, festival bass drop. It was the proper way to end her outstanding performance.

Alison accomplished what she does best. She connected with her fans as to take them on her musical journey of self-expression and freedom. For Alison, it is more than just music. She wants to be an influencer in people’s lives. Alison Wonderland bring them to a state where they can feel comfortable with themselves. As the beautiful human beings we are all meant to be. If you want to be moved by a performance and dance at the same time, Alison Wonderland’s FMUOASL show is a show that you need to go, watch, and listen for yourself!



Sadly, her tour is slowly coming to an end. You can still catch her at the following locations listed below:

Oct. 27 at Surrender Nightclub at Encore (Las Vegas, NV)

Oct. 28 at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival At Exposition Park (Los Angeles, CA)

Oct. 29 Exposition Park (Los Angeles, CA)

Nov. 24 @ WonderlandWarehouseProject3.0 (Adelaide, Australia)

Nov. 25 @ Spilt Milk (Canberra, Australia)

Nov. 26 WonderlandScarehouseProject (Brisbane, Australia)

Dec. 01 WonderlandWarehouseProject3.0 (Hobart, Australia)

Dec. 02 WonderlandScarehouseProject (Melbourne, Australia)

Dec. 09 WonderlandScarehouseProject (Sydney, Australia)

Dec. 10 Belvoir Amphitheatre (Perth, Australia)

Dec. 16 WonderlandScarehouseProject (Auckland, New Zealand)

Tickets are available here.


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