Alison Wonderland Previews Album On Instagram Live

Alison Wonderland Previews Album On Instagram Live

In just three short days, Alison Wonderland will be going on her FMUOASL (F*ck Me Up On A Spiritual Level) Tour starting in Ohio and finishing in Australia, where she’s from.  I’ll be seeing her on her sixth tour date at Terminal 5 in New York City.

I’ve seen Alison Wonderland just once before over this past summer at Electric Forest.  She put on an amazing and engaging set, which makes me extremely excited to see what she has in store for her own tour. Tonight, she allowed us to get a sneak peak at just that when she went live on Instagram.

Alison Wonderland previewed her new set up, visuals, and four tracks. Throughout her Instagram live she explained how she was doing this because she loves us and how she was completely defying her label by doing so. Yes, she IS that bad ass.

Although from the short snippets of each track I already know I’ll love them all, there was one in particular that stood out to me the most. It’s called Easy. She bravely prefaced the song with an explanation of how it came about. She shared that it came from a time of feeling depressed, so much so that she locked herself in a bathroom while contemplating a lot. But then she came up with this song, and it helped her in that moment.

That’s what I love so much about Alison Wonderland. Beyond her creativity, passion and talent, I think she’s one of the most real out there. She shares so much of herself with her fans and not only her happy times, but the dark ones, too. She’s not afraid to bring mental health issues to the surface and discuss them honestly. She’s brutally honest with herself and who she is entirely and she shares that with the world which is incredibly brave. She’s relatable, inspiring and so unguardedly human.

I can’t wait to hear the rest of her new music to come, and I especially can’t wait to see her perform live again soon!

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