Alison Wonderland at Terminal 5 in NYC

Alison Wonderland at Terminal 5 in NYC

Alison Wonderland is currently on her F*uck Me Up On A Spiritual Level tour (frequently referred to as FMUOASL) and I was so excited to get to get to see her live at Terminal 5 in NYC.

Previously, I only saw Alison Wonderland at Electric Forest, and while that was incredible, I look at Alison Wonderland as such a powerful and intimate artist, so having that close and intimate feeling at a venue versus a festival really meant a lot to me! It was also my first rave since spending my summer enjoying festival after festival.

Opening for AW, was Elohim, this energy-filled, power-house badass who blew my mind. I can’t even lie, I hadn’t even previously seen or heard of Elohim, but I am so thankful to the world she opened up for me with her music. I was sold. I’m a fan. She effortlessly hyped up the entire crowd prepping us for our headliner.

Once Alison Wonderland took stage it was electric. She was magic. Hands down the most incredible experience seeing her at a more intimate venue. I relate so much intimacy with her because of how open she is with her fans. She shares her real and vulnerable feelings with her fans, mostly via Twitter, and then pours it all into her music. She played a bunch of new songs which I truly feel is some of her best work to date. She took to Twitter in a series of tweets explaining how excited she was to play at Terminal 5 and how monumental she felt that was in her career. She even shared her nerves to play at the iconic venue. While she may have been nervous, you’d never be able to see that through all the positivity and talent she was radiating!

Alison Wonderland is energetic, relatable, talented, beautiful and wonderfully badass. She’s an artist that can transcend you somewhere else, the one artist who can truly f*ck you up on a spiritual level!

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