Amazon Rumoring to be Building a “Spotify Killer”

Amazon Rumoring to be Building a “Spotify Killer”

Rumor has it Amazon is now getting into the music streaming service and has it sites on Spotify.

The e-commerce giant has held meetings in the past few weeks to discuss licensing tunes for a full-blown subscription music service that would trump streaming music leaders Spotify and Apple Music, several sources have confirmed.

Amazon currently offers a limited selection of music streaming from select major record labels as part of Amazon Prime, its $99-a-year subscription service that offers expedited shipping with an increasing variety of music and movie streaming options thrown in too.

Amazon is currently discussing a $9.99-per-month fee for its planned streaming service, although a discount $3- to $4-a-month price if bundled with Echo is also under consideration.

The company is prepping for a fall launch.

“The music industry wants to see all the tech giants fighting it out to try and really take streaming to the mainstream,” one music industry insider said.

the addition of another major business like Amazon — which has had a sticky relationship at times with content creators — could potentially give the record labels more leverage in negotiations, as no one service dominates completely.