Amnesty (I), the New Crystal Castles Album

Amnesty (I), the New Crystal Castles Album

One of my favorite electronic acts, Crystal Castles, has a new album out called “Amnesty (I).” The uniquely crystalline sounds and somewhat glitch-influenced duo has had three albums prior, all self-titled with only a number to identify each individually, and Amnesty (I) may very well follow suit with the name pattern. One thing that is certain of Amnesty (I) is the heavy synth and distorted vocals that really makes Crystal Castles the act they are.

Off the vocals, perhaps the biggest difference noted by fans is the new vocalist Edith Frances. Edith, replacing former vocalist Alice Glass, was met with some resistance by fans initially. However, when one really listens to the album, the differences are so minimal it’s really just playing the name game. In the same lens though, I will say the album is rather reminiscent of Crystal Castles III (their prior album), in certain songs. There are just a few that sound too much like “Doe Deer” from III. There are so many unique new songs though. Notable tracks include “Femen,” a super jittery beat accompanied by this creepy chorus that just creates an unnervingly fun harmony. “Fleece” and “Char” both have a really random, all over the place kind of vibe about them, but the twitchy reverbs in both really brings them to life. “Teach Her How to Hunt” is definitively a Crystal Castles song, characterized by the heavy distortion and cherub-like screams in the background. Ditto for “Enth,” which may just be my favorite track on the new album. One can’t forget to mention “Concrete” or “Frail” either, they’re just epic tunes.

Overall, I would have to say Amnesty (I), the fourth studio album by Crystal Castles is a must listen. The entire album is heavily distorted and just wonderfully mixed with crystal sound effects, while also having a unique electric twang to it. This album totally affirms the fact that Crystal Castles is still a solid act.

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