[Behind the Beat] Andrew Rayel on His MOMENTS Album, A New Label, And Hard Work

[Behind the Beat] Andrew Rayel on His MOMENTS Album, A New Label, And Hard Work

Andrew Rayel, born Andrei Rata, is a luminary trance producer from Moldova. His second album, MOMENTS, was released in May, and was immediately followed by a mega world tour. The tour is still going strong, and includes stops at major festivals such as Tomorrowland and Ultra Europe. Mix 247 EDM was so pleased to have an opportunity to ask Andrew Rayel a few questions, so keep reading to learn about his collaboration process, the emotions behind his music, and his current projects!

On your second album, MOMENTS, some of our favorites are “I’ll Be There” feat. Eric Lumiere and “Never Let Me Go” feat. Angelika Vee, whom we were so pleased to interview last year! How do you approach collaborations and how do you work together with such a diverse range of artists?

Most of the time, I will work with anyone who has a good idea, melody or anything that I will get inspired from. Every artist is different and that’s why all the collaborations are so fun and every one of them has something unique from both artists! Also, I always wanted to collaborate with the established names like Emma Hewitt, Christina Novelli and Eric Lumiere. I’ve been admiring their music for long time and it was a honor to work with all of them!

Your songs are highly emotional – are they very personal as well?

Absolutely, most of them are inspired from my own experience, feelings or things that happened to me. For example, I had so many situations where couples got engaged during my shows or wrote messages on my socials that they found their love during one of my shows, that this inspired me to produce [the songs] “Once In A Lifetime Love” and “One In A Million.”

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I love your quote about making the world a better place through music. Do you have suggestions of how fans or other artists can pitch in to really live this ethos? It’s such an important one.

I’ve played hundreds of big festivals with big crowds, and every time I would see happy people enjoying music with flags of their countries from all over the world, including countries that are at war with each other. I saw them in the crowd next to each other, smiling, jumping and having fun. This proves that music can make a better world, a world which is all about love, unity and respect. I think all the people at those festivals should get that message back to their countries.

You’ve mentioned you’d like team up with Hans Zimmer. Were you able to catch his Coachella performance? If so, any thoughts?

Yes, I would love to do a track with Hans Zimmer! I’m a big fan of his music and he is one of my biggest inspirations. Sadly, I wasn’t at Coachella this year because I was playing somewhere else. [smiles]

Do you often get to play for your home crowd in Moldova? What are those experiences like compared to playing elsewhere?

I love Moldova and the crowd there is one of the best! I actually just did a show in my country that I had to fly to right after my set closing the mainstage at EDC Las Vegas. I try to do a show in Moldova at least once a year, and every time it gets bigger and bigger. The last one I did, we had more than 7,000 people. It’s an amazing experience because everyone knows me there and the vibe is insane!

You’re finishing up a North American tour in support of your album MOMENTS, including headlining the main stage of EDC Vegas! How exciting! Looking back on the thrilling U.S./Canada leg of your tour, what were some highlights?

Every show was awesome and unique and I will definitely always remember the sold-out Civic Center show in San Jose  and the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, New City Gas in Montreal, Webster Hall in New York City. We’ve created so many unforgettable moments together with the fans!

People see the DJ up there onstage and they give him all the credit, adoration and glory, but in reality there is always a team of professionals behind every successful DJ. Is there something about being a PROFESSIONAL artist that you wish fans to know? (i.e. It’s not as easy as it looks, etc.)

Of course I’m being helped by a big team of people that make sure my music is well promoted, that my sound and visuals during the shows are on-point, hotels and transportation are ready, etc. I try to focus mainly on producing my music and everything related to the creative side, but there is so much more! I wish the fans would understand that being a DJ is not just having fun and traveling the world. It’s a lot of hard work! Way more than anyone can imagine.

We hear you’re launching your very own label under Armada Music! What’s it called? What can we expect?

Yes, it’s a big thing for me! I’m finally launching my own label under Armada Music. I cannot tell you the name yet as we didn’t announce it officially yet, but it’s coming soon. You can expect a lot of new music from myself and upcoming producers chosen by me.

Thanks so much to Andrew Rayel for answering a few questions for Mix 247 EDM! For more information, visit www.AndrewRayel.net, or follow him on FacebookTwitterSoundcloud or Instagram.

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