Anjunadeep: Anjunadeep 08 Album Review

Anjunadeep: Anjunadeep 08 Album Review

In a world full of hastily put together mix compilations, one would think that quality would be a thing of the past. One series has year after year proven that notion wrong. Ever since its inception in 2009, the Anjunadeep mix compilation series has proven time after time that it’s still possible to give listeners a plethora of amazing material and good mixing on a yearly basis. while raising the bar with each new entry. Mixed by Jono Grant (of Above & Beyond) and Jody Wisternoff, Anjunadeep 08 retains all of the great elements that made the previous entry a success while raising the bar well past a ten.

Spanning two disks, Anjunadeep 008 incorporates a bevy of Chill Out, Deep House and Tech House to create a laid back listening experience, while still creating that special kind of energy to make listeners dance. Kicking off Disk 1 is the spoken word track Delam, by British artist Hiatus. The track sets the tone for the slower, more laid back overall feel of the first disk. Though it does pick up a bit in BPM towards the end, the first disk ends with the mystical Cascades, a track written by Italian maestro Indian Wells. In a special outro mix, Cascades brings the Chill Out vibe back into the spotlight, and reminds listeners that real energy is soon coming.

Much like Disk 1, the second disk of Anjunadeep 08 starts off with an eerie, yet calm track by French producer Croquet Club. However there is a noticeable difference in energy with Disk 2. Sporting a much more dance oriented atmosphere, Disk 2 certainly gets the energy going early on. Featuring a bevy of higher BPM and Vocal tracks, those who didn’t feel that previous disk had enough energy will certainly have their fears quashed when they start-up this mix. Ending the second disk is British duo Icarus’s track “Home” remixed by Anjunadeep favorite Lane 8. With its catchy vocals and anthem like melody, this is a perfect end to the mix compilation.

Anjunadeep 08 succeeds in retaining all of the good things the previous entry offered, while setting a new standard. Better mixing, better track selection are only a few of the many improvements offered by this years entry. If you’re an Anjunadeep fan, then you will feel right at home with this entry. Those who are new to the series will also be easily able to dive right in this years entry. If you fancy a great compilation with a well structured atmosphere, track selection and energy, then make sure to grab a legal of Anjunadeep 08. Available on all major download portals.

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