Arrests Leave HOLY SHIP! 2018 Grounded

Arrests Leave HOLY SHIP! 2018 Grounded

Cruises are supposed to be the time of your life. You get to meet new people and see new places and, at the very least, be able to get sushi or tacos in the middle of the night. That’s where Holy Ship! comes in.

This cruise is a popular EDM festival that attracts about 4,000 ravers from across the U.S. For $900-$1800, those looking for a great time can book a 3 or 4-day cruise respectively that departs from Port Canaveral, Florida and goes to Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas.

Holy Ship! is known for throwing some of most epic parties while at sea. While aboard there are theme nights, on ship activities, nightly performances, DJ lessons, game nights, yoga classes, pretty much something for anyone and everyone to do. However, for every carefree fun seeker, there is always one person who sees the proverbial line and speeds right past it. In this case, it was not just one but over a dozen individuals who thought it was ok to possess and/or traffic drugs with them during their trip.

The most notable of those arrested was a popular EDM disc jockey who was scheduled to perform during both of the Holy Ship! 2018 cruises. She was charged with two felony counts of possession of a controlled substance (cocaine) and her bond is set for $15,000. Felony arrests included possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, trespassing, drug trafficking, just to name a few. Over twenty people were arrested before the ship could even leave port.

We need to remember that these events are made to be fun and stress-free and these things take away from that overall experience instead of enhancing it. People need to be safe out there because anything can happen especially when on a large moving vessel. A few bad apples should not ruin the bunch so make sure you still attend festivals and events like Holy Ship! to see your favorite artists, meet new people, and make memories that will last a lifetime.