Artist to Watch: Yppah

Artist to Watch: Yppah

I discovered Yppah one day listening to a dance mix on Pandora and I must say he has become my favorite artist due to his very unique sound. Yppah music is one of my favorite artists to make up dance routines to. He is an electronic music artist who can also be categorized as a Rock artist. I have his albums on replay, his sounds have the ability to relax you and hype a person up to make you want to get up and dance.

Yppah has released four albums and two remix albums. His first album was released in 2006. The album was titled You Are Beautiful At All Times. One of the most familiar songs released from the album are: “Again With The Subtitles”, “It’s Not The Same,” “In Two, the Weakly”. In 2009 he went on to release a second album titled They Know What Ghost Know. They Know What Ghost know went on to included Gumball Machine Weekend, and They Know What Ghost know, Playing with fireworks. They Know What Ghost Know includes sixteen great songs.

In 2012 the amazing album Eighty One was released. The album Eighty One includes some of my favorite songs of all time. Please check out Never mess with Sunday a great amazing song that just instantly takes you to your happy place. The album also includes d-song featuring anomie belle. Eighty One is a classic must have album in your collection. It’s an album that I never get tired of. It is a great album to listen to any time of the day. Eighty One is a favorite album I like to play when I am commuting by train in NYC. This album has definitely calmed me down when stuck on a train and I have 6 stops to go and the conductor just announced its train traffic.

Yppah’s next album was released in 2015 called Tiny Pause. Tiny Pause includes ten amazing songs on the album. The album delivers an electronic edgy sound that is so cool. It is album that has stayed on repeat and will continue to be played. I have listened to this album as I am doing my make up on a Saturday night, to blasting it on a Sunday’s. The album track includes Spider Hands, Little Dreamer, All shades of Pink and so much more.

Check out his music below

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