ASADI Slays it Live at Phoenix Lights, and I Mean LIVE

ASADI Slays it Live at Phoenix Lights, and I Mean LIVE

I had a blast attending Phoenix Lights Festival this past weekend. While the festival featured great acts like ZHU, Alesso, Zeds Dead and Tiësto, it was ASADI that most surprised me. You might be asking, “Who’s ASADI?” That’s what I was asking when he began his set. Come the end of it, he’d showed us exactly who he is.

ASADI’s style is self-described as “Persian Trap”. It sounds pretty much what you’d expect from that term – a heavy, dirty trap beat behind the sounds and melodies found in Middle Eastern music. The solid beats of his style are designed to make you move and we were more jumping like at a rock show than dancing through his set. His music bridges a gap between Middle East and West in a way that, maybe, only music can.

ASADI performed at the Invasion Stage, which was in the warehouse at Phoenix Lights. It was still light outside, but this massive, windowless interior was dark. The smoke machines and lights were going strong. What truly made ASADI so captivating live his he brought his Maschine Pads on stage with him and looped his tracks live. You could watch him slap away at the pads and lay in the trap beat that got us grooving as the beams of light flashed around him in smoke.

The crowd reacted to that, his set felt so organic, and his energy became our energy. It made his remixes more fun, too, because we got to watch him transform a song into EDM. Much of ASADI‘s set felt improvised, which is a true testament to his talent. Of his live remixes, one of my favorites was when he took the Harry Potter Theme Song and made it into Persian Trap. The crowd loved that one. So did I.

ASADI has only released a handful of singles and is still building up a fan base. Only one of those singles, “Throne”, is on Spotify. Up until now, the track has less than 250 thousand listens. Asadi announced during his set that he is going to be releasing his first EP at the end of this month and, based on how good he was when I saw him, I bet he’s going to blow up. I’m looking forward to hearing that EP, titled “I’m Coming Home”, when it drops.

Asadi at Phoenix Lights Festival by mix247edm

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