Audiopill Has You Enjoying The Beat From The Inside

Audiopill Has You Enjoying The Beat From The Inside

This doesn’t sound safe or comfortable at all.

Jan Strmiska, a Czech conceptual artist,  has invented a micro audio pill that can “make you feel like you are standing in the middle of a concert hall with a powerful audio system inside your body,” according to his IndieGoGo funding campaign at least. Upon swallowing the pill, the device settles into your gastrointestinal tract, giving way to a sharp pain in your abdomen for about an hour but later allowing for up to ten hours of an internal dance party only audible to you until the pill leaves the body through, well we will let you use your imagination.

Another benefit according to the campaign “The beating within you abdomen induces a unique feeling of restlessness, amazement and elation, but if you have a shorter life than the battery inside (10 hours and can’t be switched off when swallowed!), it can pump you up to insanity. And there’s yet another effect the Audiopill provides. As it meanders through your GI tract, it can serve as a teaching aid for your own medical or even maniacal introspection.”

Yep, there is even a video for it. Check it out below

Of course doctors advise against this.  Strmiska was told that consumers should by all means not experiment with ingesting the audio pill. “Many doctors and four polymer experts who were consulted on encasement materials, warned the author ‘to never ever swallow anything like this,’” he writes. “Therefore, everything is at the user’s own risk. The author waives all responsibility for any potential health problems.”

So what do you think of the Audiopill? Is this something you would want to try?