Avalon & Liquid Soul Insomniac Preview

Avalon & Liquid Soul Insomniac Preview

Dreamstate will be presenting Avalon & Liquid Soul at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles on Saturday, January 14th.

Other DJs that will be performing include Animato, Avalon, Barakuda, Coming Soon!!!, Freedom Fighters, and Triceradrops as EDM and Psychedelic music fans will be experiencing a transcending show full of intensifying lights, and amplifying sounds boosting their show experience. Tickets are going on sale for $35.00.


With Avalon and Liquid Soul headlining the event, ravers will be dancing to psytrance beats that have made both producers popular in the gargantuan world of EDM. Avalon, who is from London, UK, was a promoter who started producing for fun. He made producing a career when his album Distant Futures reached #1 on the Beatport charts. Liquid Soul, a long-time producer from Switzerland, has been innovating trance music since the 90s. Both award-winning DJs take the stage as crowd favorites for a night that EDM fans will not forget.

The psytrance phenomenon will begin at 9:00 PM. This is an insomniac event so fans be ready for not just an ordinary light show, but a party with nothing but good vibes.

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