BangOn!NYC Time and Space NYE 2017 Event Review

BangOn!NYC Time and Space NYE 2017 Event Review

Who wouldn’t want to be out partying with friends on NYE? Many wouldn’t pass that up. Around this time of year, numerous venues have great shows lined up. From DJ Snake, Tchami, Dillon Francis, Dada life, Gareth Emery, Will Atkinson and many more. New Years Eve was different for me this year. It marked the first year away from my family. Flying away from the coop was hard and as guilt showered me, I don’t regret a thing. I had the time of my life at BangOn!NYC Time and Space in Brooklyn, NY.

BangOn!NYC Time and Space NYE 2017

The headliners included; Thomas JackThe Him, Dimond Saints, Loosidill-ēshaThe Golden PonyEsseks, Bender, Che, Dirty LooksExperimen.talIvan CespedesJackal Jyve, KilladazeMatt Sebastian, Oliver Baptiste and tsimba.

BangOn! NYC Time and Space

BangOn!NYC Time and Space NYE 2017

BangOn!NYC Time And Space was entertaining. With stimulating emphasis on color and light, the theme translated well throughout the event. It was my first time attending BangOn!NYC. I was going in blind, I didn’t know what to expect. It was that moment that I knew this experience  was one of a kind. From the positive energy to the abundance of people, it was a good way to kick off the new year.

As soon as we stepped in, we observed the Lyft table. With a photo booth, I couldn’t resist. They provided safe transportation for the people who attended the event. The Photo Booth involved props related to space and travel. If you can tell, I’m one with Aliens.BangOn!NYC Time and Space NYE 2017

The Music

At BangOn!NYC, each artist brought it’s own authenticity. From The Golden Pony to Ill’esha, each artist was different. The music wasn’t as saturated with mainstream mixes, which was refreshing. Each set lasted for about an hour and a half. It was nice listening to the sets for a little longer. I didn’t want it to end!

As we counted down to midnight, Space Oddity by David Bowie bought us into the new year. The emotional song reminded me of my family. With the beautiful visuals and the countdown to the New Year, it was beautiful. This was little before Thomas Jack took the stage to bring in the New Year.

Thomas Jack bought an amazing integration of tropical house and mellow dance music. It was the first time seeing Thomas Jack and his energy was cosmic. Everyone went crazy when he came out. Australian DJ was excited to host BangOn! along with The Him!

The Him blew me away. Mixing their songs along with Don Diablo, Robin Schulz and heavy bass tracks, The Him was my personal favorite at BangOn! They easily flawlessly integrated both dubstep and house.

Dimond Saints dropped an bunch of filthy dubstep mixing Purple Lamborghini and a song dedicated to Bernie Sanders. Along with The Him, the duo was one of my personal favorites as well. They got sentimental about encouraging love and prosperity. How we should all one another and unite as one against negativity.

The most interesting thing I experienced was the Silent Disco. One of the stages at BangOn!, each person had earphones connected by Wifi. As the DJs mixed, each person could channel which DJ at the Silent Disco they wanted to listen to.

The People

I met a group of ravers when my friend left. They were so welcoming and we danced the night away. Each of them attend BangOn! every year. Going from stage to stage, being showered in glitter, the energy was intoxicating. In that group, resides so much positivity. They took care of each other and I. In the rave community, you come across so many good people from all over the country. The community is so welcoming and kind. It’s that energy that people love. For an event with a few thousand people, I was very happy to spend my BangOn!NYC with them!

BangOn!NYC Time and Space NYE 2017

Overall, I had an amazing time at BangOn!NYC. It was a night I can hold dearest to me. Meeting so many people, enjoying music and just welcoming the new year. It was something I couldn’t trade for the world. This year, we must remember to be safe, be kind and to love one another. I would definitely recommend going to BangOn!NYC again!

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