BangOn! Presents 2nd Annual Elements at Lakewood, PA

BangOn! Presents 2nd Annual Elements at Lakewood, PA

Camping. Solid tunes. Fire performers. Incredibly creative stages. Stunning nature backdrops. Slip and Slides. Pirate Ships. Roller rinks. River activities. And bubbles, so many bubbles. These are just a few of the things that give one a glimpse of what Elements Lakewood was for their new festival location in 2017. Elements, alongside BangOn! has been a predominant name for unique festival environments, focus being primarily on the artistic and creative side of festivals. For those of you who haven’t attended one of their events, let me try to explain..

BangOn! Presents 2nd Annual Elements at Lakewood, PA

  • Every hour, on the hour, there is typically an enthralling show. The shows can vary from fire breathers, acrobats, actors, sword fights and other types of eccentric acts. What makes this more interesting, these shows are only found by those looking for them. The heart of this festival, and what I believe is what makes them a standout contender in the music industry, is not the music but an experiential adventure. There are many hidden corners I would find myself wandering into at the perfect time two performers began to combat each other with fire weapons within a dome. It’s these little findings that truly make for an authentic time with good friends.


  • Aside from the focus on art in the form of performers, there are also a slew of art galleries and exhibits. These show the abilities of local vendors and artists, some even creating their exhibits to be interactive. For instance, there was one exhibit that stood out to me. In between walking around to venture the space, I came across this portable stage that was atop of a mechanical lift. Now, this stage looked bumping. Had their own music going, their own toys and props on it, so my curiosity got the best of me, I wanted in. I was told the only way to get on to the stage and party 100+ ft in the air with buddies was to complete 3 dares that would force me to interact and/or make an ass out of myself with members of the crowd. I LOVED THIS & SO DID THE CROWD. Everyone was super cooperative and it made the stage life that much more rewarding.


  • There are variations of classes and open mic events going on throughout. Feel like taking a break and centering your inner zen? No problem. Join in on the many daily yoga, meditation, free speaking and stand up comedy displays that are ongoing throughout the day.


  • Lastly, as your casually walking and you hear blaring techno music behind you, its just another stage going off right? Wrong. As you turn around, you cant help but notice a MASSIVE Mad Max-esque metal dragon vehicle equipped with its own stage, platforms, DJ and yes – cannons that shoot bubbles. This is 1 of many vehicles the venue has perusing around wowing all concert goers. Of course, these are all open to public to climb in and join their ride as well.


That’s the artistic and creative output Elements & BangOn! bring to each of their shows and Lakewood, PA is the perfect setting for this to occur. Nestled alongside a huge river and in the heart of vast woodlands, it really is breathtaking. Did I fail to mention aside from ALL of this – the lineup is f*ckng stellar?! Although unannounced for 2018 still, 2017 brought in names like Claude Von Stroke, Lee Burridge, Tipper, Bauuer, Keys & Krates, Walker & Royce, Eagles & Butterflies, Claptone, SNBRN and SOO many others. In otherwords, ever wondered what Burning Man would look, feel and sound like if it were in greenery instead of desert? Look no further than this event.


If you have attended an Elements or BangOn! event, then you are in luck. They are acknowledging their loyal base and allowing for a premier ticket sales just for you. Dec 5 at 11am, check your emails or go here. If you’re a first timer, no worries! Sign up for the mailing list and get first dibs on the Early Bird special.

See you there!