[Listen] Bass-Dripping, Dexterously Sampled ‘Hermanos’

[Listen] Bass-Dripping, Dexterously Sampled ‘Hermanos’

Fresh from across the Atlantic, the bass-dripping, and  expertly sampled ‘Hermanos’ produced by Alvaro Suarez, is what every late night boogie-down needs. Suarez teamed up with the European collaborative NachtEin.TagAus to release what Suarez himself described as a tribute to Naseer Shamma, a professional oud player from Baghdad who has made contributions to television, film, and theatrical productions through his music. If you are unfamiliar with the instrument imagine a guitar with richer notes that have a vocal quality to them, much like a cello. It is an instrument that does not appear often in electronic music but it definitely elicits emotions.  

Suarez was trained in the violin starting at the age of five and has been trying to bridge the gap between classical and electronic music in his music production career. From Spain, but living in Copenhagen, he is co-owner of Casetta Records which puts on sets in Berlin, Copenhagen and Madrid.

The intro to ‘Hermanos’ delivers up a briefing of what is to come in this seven minute long track. This includes ambient, high pitched synthetic tones and a complex percussion line that couples a maraca-like sound with swift, aggressive bongos. It is all tumbled gracefully together, just as lovers in tangled sheets, with a belly-deep bass. . This combination of Suarez’s production style and the choice to sample an instrument that expresses melodic stories with captivating and lush tones, is not only a testament to his dexterity at mixing, but also his prowess as a professional music artist. This track is a story of bass and string instruments melding into a melodic tango that relishes each transition between segments, and languidly lounges at the bottom of each drop. The purity of each sound used makes for  a clear, crisp listening experience you will want to have over and over again. 

NachtEin.TagAus is a collaborative production group made up of  DJs Lauter Bach, CHRISOKO, Fineschliff, and Dave Marshall. The group’s objective is to bring people together through electronic music, and celebrate cultures from around the world while doing so. It is easy to see why they teamed up with Suarez to release ‘Hermanos’ since he added a brief description with the single stating that the mix was created in honor of “the brotherhood of all our cultures around the planet”. The word hermanos means brothers, or siblings, in Spanish.

Check it out below, and get the free download here.

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