Bassface Strong with Foreign Suspects x Blast Riot

Bassface Strong with Foreign Suspects x Blast Riot

We all can get hooked onto festival trap. I mean everyone loves it. It’s the main thing that get’s the festival going! C’mon, the greats such as Yellow Claw, Flosstradamus, and even Skrillex have made bangers that are considered Festival Trap. But, one thing is for sure, Foreign Suspects x Blast Riot brings new faces to a league of producers who are on the up and up. With Foreign Suspects x Blast Riot, it’s time to listen to the filth. With their new single “Derailed”  has our angry bass faces on and we want more of it. And to be honest, we want it now. “Derailed” is more than just a track, it’s anthem worthy. Put your bassfaces up for Foreign Suspects x Blast Riot!

Foreign Suspects x Blast Riot – Derailed

Well, angry reacts only to one of the hardest Festival Trap songs I’ve heard in the while. With the perfect inclusion of trap and hardstyle, this single is a 10/10 for me. With each unique sound incorporated into this mix, it delivers the caliber of trap and dubstep, which sound reminds me of Prison Riot by Flosstradamus. I hold this remix as highly as I would a Zeds Dead, Flosstradamus, Yellow Claw or even Kayzo. Each style I easily see in this mix alone, which is amazing on its own.

All you gotta do is hear that one tone or pitch that makes a song go extremely hard. From the hard bass, Foreign Suspects and Blast Riot bring trap/hardstyle and .  Everything makes this track a heavy hitter and something I have in my rotation. The beat hits you in the face automatically. It calls trap, dub, and hardstyle fans everywhere.

This collaboration really went above and beyond perfectly blending these genres together. Both Foreign Suspects and Blast Riot flawlessly manage to tear it up in the whole track, leaving no room for disappointment. Just, we want more.

You can see them play at the following dates:

B**ch Perfect Mix starting the new mix series

Everybody’s a Suspect Case #001

Playing in Tampa at The Ritz Ybor January 14th and February 9th

Playing Asteria Music Festival 4/20-4/21

Upcoming collab work and releases with:

Nitti Gritti



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