Bassnectar Has Announced Freestyle Sessions: Colorado

Bassnectar Has Announced Freestyle Sessions: Colorado

The unforgettable performer. The accomplished musician. The one, the only Bassnectar. One of the most talked about DJs in this age has once again broke boundaries by announcing Freestyle Sessions: Colorado. For only three dates, July 7th through the 9th, Bassnectar will take the stage in Broomfield, Colorado for a distinct and sure to be unparalleled performance.

Although his fans are used to huge bangers at Red Rocks when performing in Colorado, this event is supposed to bring back the basics. He wants to bring back the awesome feeling of the underground raves, before the world was full of technology. He wants to create an experience that disconnects his listeners from the world. Yet, the event page puts it perfectly by reporting:

“We are taking over a room in Colorado, removing the stage, building a little dj booth for various humans to jam out inside of… Close your eyes, put your phone away. stop texting, stop tweeting, stop thinking. don’t take pictures, don’t try and record the moment… experience it live, the way dance parties used to feel, the way house parties feel, the way it feels to be out in the middle of nowhere just vibing on good sound”

Of course, Bassnectar is going to give his fans so much more than they could ever imagine. This performance will blend together the plethora of genres that he already effortlessly combines. Yet, he makes it very clear not to come expecting anything. Maybe some oldies, maybe some new tracks or everything and anything in between. Seems like a show you really have to be there to understand.

There is definitely some mystery behind Bassnectar’s lack of details while announcing Freestyle Sessions, so it is sure to create some major hype. Make sure you snag your tickets quickly for this extraordinary event! They go on sale here on Friday April 21st at 10.

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