Bassnectar Announced His New EP And It’s Trippy

Bassnectar Announced His New EP And It’s Trippy

Dropping the first of December, Bassnectar has announced his new EP, Reflective Part Two, which is part of the series that he started back in June, but now there’s a Chapter 2!

You can expect all of the music to be extremely trippy if you’re into that kind of stuff. There will also be highly-anticipated remixes of the chapter as well! The reason this chapter was made was for Bassnectar himself to produce some collaboration, and remixing, along with bringing in new ideas together to create something a little different.

For the Part Two, there is a theme that tackles “other worlds”, where there are alternatives to the beats and sounds that Bassnectar creates where you feel like you’re in another world, at least that’s how I put it. I had a chance to listen to one of the tracks that are going be in Reflective Part Two and I couldn’t be more excited for next month. Listening to “Slather”, with Digital Ethos, was pure madness (in a good way) and I can say that it was one of the dirtiest sons I’ve ever listened to in my life.

You can also listen to “Slather” down below and you’ll know what I mean!

But that’s not all! Bassnectar will also be performing at some hot spots next month for New Year’s, including the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, with special guests, What So NotOtt, and Phutureprimitive. If you’re an Atlanta native, going to Decadence Colorado or Lights All Night in Dallas, or just really like Bassnectar, you can buy tickets here.

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