Bassnectar Phones Fans in Honor of Suicide Prevention

Bassnectar Phones Fans in Honor of Suicide Prevention

Would you answer a random ringing telephone while walking through the campgrounds of Electric Forest? For some it may have seemed like a well thought out prank. Yet for others, an incredibly meaningful conversation was on the other end. Bassnectar teamed up with Electric Forest and TWLOHA (To Write Love on Her Arms) to create this heartwarming video on suicide prevention.

Bassnectar Phones Fans in Honor of Suicide Prevention

In the video below, you see several unexpected concert goers answering a telephone ringing in the middle of the Forest. What could this be?

Curiosity overcomes and many people answer. However, nobody would have guessed he or she was on the phone with quite possibly their favorite DJ, Bassnectar. He does not let those who answered know his identity. Instead, he lets him or her have a shoulder to cry on. Therefore, he becomes a stranger that they can open up to.

Bassnectar is an amazing artist that always emits love and acceptance to his fans. He keeps the conversations about friendship. Although of course, very open ended and up to the conversationalist’s discretion.  He asks what advice he or she would want to give to a friend or family member. A piece of information that you may not want to open up with if you were not on the phone with a stranger. For this reason, the results are incredible.

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Tears are shed. These individuals spill their thoughts and feelings. For some reason, sometimes as humans it is easier to talk about emotional subjects with a stranger rather than your best friend. That is why the message of this video is clear: “If a phone rang in The Forest, would you answer?”

The creation of this video is for the National Suicide Prevention Week. TWLOHA is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to help give hope to those suffering from depression, addiction, and self-harm.

If you or anyone you love wants to speak with caring, understanding and devoted individuals, please follow this link for TWLOHA’s website. Watch the full video below and remember, Your Story is Important.



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