[Listen] Bassnectar Releases Reflective EP

[Listen] Bassnectar Releases Reflective EP

The Father of Bass does it again. Bassnectar (born Lorin Ashton) has released EP Reflective (June 16 2017 via Amorphous Music), giving bass heads everywhere a six track musical adventure.

Reflective‘s first track ‘Arps of Revolución‘ is reminiscent of Bassnectar‘s 2010 track ‘Fun with Synthesizers‘ welcoming you into another dimension. The EP quickly picks up and delivers an earful of his signature style: heart pounding sounds full of snares, synths and heavy bass lines.

Bassnectar fans will notice that Reflective reunites familiar names and faces including Gnar Gnar, Mimi Page and G Jones. The 26 minute sweet, albeit short, EP gives you the right amount of juice to keep you thirsty for more. Take a listen for yourself to the catchy and powerful melody, sound, rhythm and vibration flowing from each track.

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