BBC Radical Overhaul Will End Television and Radio Divisions

BBC Radical Overhaul Will End Television and Radio Divisions

Well this is a shocker!

In surprising news coming out of the UK. BBC’s director general, Lord Hall will not be replacing the companies recently departed director of television, Danny Cohen. However, that isn’t the most surprising part. Hall is electing to axe the broadcaster’s radio and television divisions.

As reported by The Telegraph “In what is being billed as the most far-reaching organizational overhaul in the BBC’s 93-year history, Lord Hall will give a speech before Easter in which he will unveil proposals to axe the corporation’s existing channel-based structures, fundamentally reshaping the organization into content and audience-led divisions.”

The plan behind this is to overhaul the companies structure including management, which means numerous key executives are expected to depart the corporation. The details are still be ironed out but will include Radio 1, Radio 2, BBC Inform and more into larger umbrella divisions such as BBC Entertain.

BBC’s existing television and radio is business as usual for the foreseeable future.