BEAUZ and Aaron Lindt Impress with “Away”- Listen

BEAUZ and Aaron Lindt Impress with “Away”- Listen

Last week a track came across my feed that was not only bumping, but also classy as hell. BEAUZ ft Aaron Lindt released “Away” a beautiful, thrilling and ethereal single.

BEAUZ is not your typical electronic producing duo. They are brothers who current representing Los Angeles, but claim an transnational background having spent time in Taipei, Taiwan, and were exposed and influenced by the electronic club scene there. They set out in 2013 on their independet record label to not only demonstrate their skills but to also make  music that made a lasting impression, and would have staying power

“Away” encapsulates a lot of what these artists seem to be about: sexy vocals, with emotional lyrics that speak life-truths but in not heavy melodies. As the words “take my pain away” chime out over rich synths the intonation is irresistible to mimic, or even get stuck in your head for a bit. The sweet melody is not the only thing that is charming about this track. The drops are a swift current of high pitch tones, with powerful percussion that chop up the vocals.

This song is definitely something I will keep around for my spring playlist as the gray of this weary winter melts away, and want to be eased into the summer warmth. This song really reminds me of an awakening, and the emotional aspects of these artists’ style does have a touching universal appeal. With over sixty thousand plays on Sound Cloud for “Away”, and BEAUZ‘s three thousand likes on Facebook, I would say people are starting to take note  of their prowess and their steady style. I think it safe to say that we could expect great things from BEAUZ, and that they are ones to watch.

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