The Beginning of The Awake Tour: Seeing Illenium in Colorado

The Beginning of The Awake Tour: Seeing Illenium in Colorado

Traveling is something I enjoy on its own, but throw music into the mix and I almost can’t say no. When two of my friends who are now living in Colorado invited me to stay with them and together go to the first night of Illenium’s Awake Tour, I was ecstatic! I’ve never been to Colorado, (besides a quick pass through on my road trip to California) I’ve never been to an artists first night of a tour, and Illenium is my absolute favorite dj/producer. Although I already had tickets to his New York date, the decision to go to Colorado, too, was a no brainer.

With Illenium calling Denver his home, I knew that even beyond being show number one, he was going to give a little extra for his city, (with a sold out show!) but he by far exceeded my expectations. Being blown away is a vast understatement. Admittedly, I’m guilty for being one of those people who leaves every show saying “that was the best show ever!” or “that was the best set ever!” but, seriously, when I say, that. was. the. best. show. of. my. life. I truly, truly mean it.

Without any spoilers, of course, I was extremely pleased with the contents of the set. He truly covered all bases, giving us a taste of the past, while feeding us the current story of Awake. The visuals were out of this world. The way they complemented their respective song allowed me an even deeper understanding of those songs, Illeniums feelings towards them, and a new perspective on my own feelings as well. The amount of work and preparation that went into this set to perform it live was wildly evident. His heart is poured far more into just his music, it feels like it’s quite literally handed to each and every one of us in his audience.

As for his openers, Illenium had a stacked line up warming us up for the King of Melodic Bass himself. Unfortunately, we got there just as ToyBox set was ending, but we made it just in time for the start of Dabin, who thanks to simply wandering around and gravitating towards the beauty of his music at Electric Forest, I am now a definite fan. After Dabin was Said The Sky followed by Vanic. It was my first time seeing both, so that was an added treat.

I left in complete awe of what I witnessed. I felt emotionally stripped down yet completely healed all at the same time. During his set, Illenium announced he’ll be headlining at Red Rocks for the first time Summer 2018. In that moment I decided I will be 100% be coming back to Colorado to witness that magic as well. Until then, I am eagerly waiting to do it all again in December for the New York tour date, and crossing my fingers Illenium is on the line up for every festival I’m planning to attend next year! If you’re on the fence about heading out to a show, I not only encourage, but I strongly urge you to do yourself a favor and GO!illeniumjersey1