[Behind the Beat] ANDR3X Slayin’ The Crowd With Inspiration

[Behind the Beat] ANDR3X Slayin’ The Crowd With Inspiration

Meet Andrew, aka. ANDR3X!

He discovered his passion for music and realized his mission at such a young age. As a DJ, ANDR3X appeals to the toughest of critics: his sets are pumped with energy and emotion, with each track carefully selected to intensify the ride he takes his listeners on. From organizing memorable events to playing at premier venues and producing monster tracks, it’s clear from his devoted work that this is where he belongs, and that this is his mission.

I had an incredible opportunity to sit down with Andrew himself at his home in Anaheim to talk about his inspirations behind the music! Read it all down below!

Mix 247 EDM: What made you want to start producing music, specifically EDM?

ANDR3X: I started producing EDM because it was exciting to be able to express my emotions without relying on anyone like a guitarist, drummer, singer, etc.  Music, especially dance music is a global language because it’s primarily about the beat and rhythm, as opposed to traditional songs which are a melody, voice/lyric driven.  So being able to write music for a global audience was and still very exciting for me.

Mix 247 EDM: When and where was your first big show as a DJ/producer?

ANDR3X: There have been lots but the first most memorable was opening for Armin Van Buuren at Sutra in 2012.  That was a huge honor and only a few or entrusted with that honor.  I also opened for him last year at Omnia Las Vegas which was the biggest and most magical show I’ve played.  I’m also opening for him again this Labor Day weekend at Omnia San Diego.

Mix 247 EDM: With all the attention you’ve been getting, it seems like you’ve been pretty busy, especially with those EDM events that you host! Could you give the readers more background about these different types of shows?

ANDR3X:  The weekly EDM events are now SPEKTRUM at Heat Nightclub on Saturdays where we focus on a broad range of dance music and new talent. There is also Element Thursdays and Fridays at Time Nightclub that focuses on specific EDM genres based on the headliner we book. We also do several 3X one-off events and book our DJs in as many venues that complement our brand and vision such as Exchange LA, Marquee LV, and many other clubs as well as festivals!

Mix 247 EDM: I’ve seen that you have opened up for many known artists including Bingo PlayersMarkus Schulz, etc.)! Tell us about it! How does it feel to open for such well-known artists?

ANDR3X: It’s a great honor!  The opening is challenging because it’s about balancing and controlling energy.  As an opening DJ, you have to keep the audience engaged, on their toes, but not over do it.  You’re the appetizer, not the main course.  Having said that, sometimes you go to a restaurant and the appetizers taste better than the main course!

Mix 247 EDM: I want to talk about your radio show, Ninja Radio. What is the background of that show and how did it all become to be?

ANDR3XNinja Radio was started recently in the last year to focus on the fusion of genres in dance music. Nowadays, DJs have to be ready for everything and anything. Dance music is a global language but too often DJs are pigeon-holed into one genre so Ninja Radio is a platform for just great dance music without the stereotypes.  It’s also an inside joke because affiliated myself with an Asian stereotypical figure, a Ninja.  So I’m making fun of being stereotyped.  LOL!  There are other meanings behind it as well, a Ninja lives by a code of conduct, an honor system, and they are focused on becoming better at their craft.

Mix 247 EDM: Do you ever bring special guests onto the show?

ANDR3X: I haven’t yet but I will. At this stage, the concept and show itself is barely getting off the ground.

[Check out his 3X 11 Year Anniversary Mix on Ninja Radio down below!]

Mix 247 EDM: I can see at the end of the month that you are headlining your own show down in Costa Mesa, CA! Are you excited? Tell us about it!

ANDR3X: I’m very excited about that!  OC is where I started and there’s no place like home.  We have our own scene here but we’re very open and welcoming to everyone and anyone that wants to join the family and be part of the cause.

Mix 247 EDM: If you were to give any aspiring musicians a word of advice, what would you tell them?

ANDR3X: Don’t worry about getting rich and famous. Your passion and personal fulfillment is not the same thing as making money or getting rich.  My definition of success is being able to do what makes you happy, doing what you love. So do what you love and you will be successful!

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