[Behind the Beat] Arietta Provides The Best Drum N’ Bass Vibes

[Behind the Beat] Arietta Provides The Best Drum N’ Bass Vibes

Candelaria Alvarado, aka. Arietta is the ultimate mastermind of dance grooves!

Her 15 years of classical/jazz training as a multi-instrumentalist and composer presently translates into sets where she infuses a sense musicality and ethereal atmosphere, to tell a story showcasing a deep understanding of the sonic terrain that is Drum and Bass and Breaks music. She got her first set of turntables at 16, and by the time she was 18 she held a club residency in her hometown of Phoenix, AZ. From then on she was a frequent Drum and Bass performer in the Southwest US underground. Back in 2014, she launched a breakbeat duo project, eventually reverting her primary focus back to solo performance in early 2016. Sounds like your dream woman, doesn’t it?

I had an incredible chance to sit down with Arietta herself to talk about her passion for music and how she grew into such an amazing artist. Check out our conversation below!

What inspired you to start producing EDM, specifically Drum N’ Bass?

My roots go back about 10 years ago where I started as an underground raver and I really fell in love with drum n’ bass. I got my first set of turntables and I really gravitated towards the hospital records crew and all that. They provided really beautiful liquid sounds and when I was able to start making music and getting a grasp on how I can make people feel, it was more motivation to feel the passion!

When and where would you say was your first show that led to where you are today? 

I was actually born and raised in Arizona and then I moved to New Mexico and then New York City. I’m currently based in Boston, but it was actually Phoenix that got me started. Relentless Beats has been great to me and letting me perform at Decadence and now at Goldrush! I guess my most pivotal show would have to be when I opened up for Delta Heavy – that was actually the first time I was able to drop my own production and see the crowd just go nuts for it! It was a really strong moment!

I want to talk about your summer recap video that you used to also promote Goldrush! Can you take us through the production through the video?

My boyfriend is an amazing photographer & videographer and we like to vlog and things like that! We actually found each other through music because he’s also a drum n’ bass lover. He actually lives in Tuscon but he’s been coming and following me on all my shows and shooting everything and it’s all kind of just led up to this! I’m going to take the rest of the year to just sit in the studio and work on music.

Check out the recap video here!

How did it feel to play Goldrush’s first-ever weekend? Were you expecting something else or did your expectations meet up? Tell us your thoughts!

It was great! It was really well put together!

It is! Especially for its first year! 

Yeah, they really did a beautiful job with the production. The stages were gorgeous and I’m really excited to see what they grow into!

Do you ever feel pressured to keep up with today’s music trends?

I feel like it’s a little different with drum n’ bass. There are pockets of drum n’ bass following throughout the U.S. but it’s not as prevalent as it is when I go over to London or just anywhere else in Europe. It’s kind of like a different – it’s like its own animal! I personally like to play popular drum n’ bass tracks though!

Which drum n’ bass track is your favorite? 

I’m really big on the producer, S.P.Y! He’s killer! Also, London Elektricity – I’ve seen him over and over again!

What is your favorite aspect of being a producer? 

Being able to express myself in that way! I actually have a degree in classical & jazz composition – it was tough and I didn’t really know how I was going to utilize that degree, but for example, when I’m writing in Logic, it feels like I’m writing a symphony. It’s the same feeling I had when I was writing acoustic music, so it’s really fulfilling!

Even with the great feeling of being a musician, what’s your least favorite part about it? 

It’s a massive time commitment and it’s a lot of alone time. But it’s always worth it!

Do you have any new music coming out? 

So I’m working on my first solo EP. I can’t release too much information about it, but just keep an eye out for that in March or April of 2018. But the release on Middleman Digital on January 2nd is going to be a lot of fun! I’m getting a lot of good feedback on that.

What is your favorite breakfast food? 

I usually eat gluten-free, but if I wanna go crazy, I love waffles! For anyone out in Phoenix, there is an amazing waffle place called St. Francis that serves amazing breakfast!

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