[Behind the Beat] BAD ROYALE Talk About Their Love For Trap

[Behind the Beat] BAD ROYALE Talk About Their Love For Trap

The four ‘trappy men’ of Bad Royale, aka. Maor Levi, Bruce Karlsson, Kevin Wild, and Elias Ghosn, are known for their thunderous bass sounds with a unique blend of trap, dancehall, and progressive that turns heads on the dance floor! After getting noticed by Major Lazer, their career has skyrocketed into performing many festivals and clubs around the country. They have remixed many top hits, including Migos’ song, “Look At My Dab”, and Above and Beyond‘s “We’re All We Need”.

I had a fantastic time talking to Bruce and Kevin themselves about their fascination with trap music before they played a mind blowing set at Sky SLC in Salt Lake City, Utah!

You can read the interview right below!

Mix 247 EDM: With all four of you getting together to create wonderful music, where did you all meet and what inspired you to create an EDM group together? 

Bad Royale: We all knew each other through our previous solo careers and met physically in Miami. It was one of those things in a jokingly manner where one thing led to another that we all ended up moving in together in San Diego! A couple of drunken nights later, we came up with some ideas and started creating trap music. Next thing you know, Bad Royale came out of it!

Mix 247 EDM: Why specifically trap?

Bad Royale: We first started out in trance, and one day we were just working on music and trap came out of it!

Mix 247 EDM: You all seem to look up to Major Lazer, and they themselves specifically asked all of you to start a project together! How did this all play out?

Bad Royale: It’s funny; people refer to us as ‘Major Lazer Jr.’ so we took on a lot of the similar sounds and the direction that they were heading. They heard our music and asked us to come on board!

Mix 247 EDM: When you produce a remix or any sort of original hit, what story do you want to tell within it?

Bad Royale: It depends on the remix. If it’s a pop vocal, we’ll try to influence more reggae into it. If it’s original, we dive into different stories in the writing sessions. It depends on how the music makes you feel!

Mix 247 EDM: Who has been your favorite artist to collaborate with?

Bad Royale: Henry Fong and Valentino Khan!

Mix 247 EDM: Why do you feel like performing as a group is better than performing solo?

Bad Royale: You’re not lonely! The thing is, though, when you’re performing solo, you can interact with the crowd in a certain way because people can connect with that one person. But when you get three or more people, you really want to put on a dope show.

Mix 247 EDM: Vodka, whiskey, or tequila?

Bruce: If I was still a drinker, probably tequila!

Kevin: I’ll take them all!

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