[Behind The Beat]: Bringing Trance Back with Markus Schulz

[Behind The Beat]: Bringing Trance Back with Markus Schulz

While many have stated that house and techno are starting to become the preeminent interests in the electronic dance music scene, Markus Schulz has gradually kept the flow of trance alive among the community. He is not only known as a DJ, but as a music producer and owner of a weekly radio show dubbed Global DJ Broadcast that airs on Digitally Imported Radio. The German-American Miami based DJ has traveled to varied parts of the world as Markus Schulz and his alias, Dakota, which represents a darker, more introverted side of himself. In spite of all the traveling, Schulz still holds a special place in his heart for Miami Music Week, where he played two shows: one to kick things off and another to end the weekend.

Currently, Schulz biggest venture consists of his exclusive Nine Skies Project, which focuses on the concept of “the nine steps to enlightenment.” Instead of the conventional method of going on tour in support of an album, Schulz plans to change things up by constructing an album based on his live show.

After receiving the nickname “unicorn slayer of trance” a few years ago via Twitter, Schulz has accurately lived up to his name by coming out with unique notions and one tranquil trance track after another. Schulz knows that his trance fans stay true to the music and will always “come out and represent.” Listen to the full interview below at the Sirius XM’s Lounge.

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Photo courtesy of Markus Schulz