[Behind the Beat] DAKTYL Discusses His Intense Tour Life

[Behind the Beat] DAKTYL Discusses His Intense Tour Life

Not unlike other young artists, Daktyl began making beats as a teenager in the bedroom of his university dorm room at the University of Nottingham and started casually posting them to Soundcloud where– much to his initial surprise– they quickly gained traction and garnered the attention of Mad Decent who promptly signed him to the label while he was still a sophomore in college.

Struck with the realization that his music had the capacity to exceed the confines of his dormitory, he bought a ticket to the U.S. in the summer of 2014, rented a car, and booked his own tour across California. His enthusiasm soon captivated an even larger audience, and later that year he was invited to open for Slow Magic on their North American tour. In 2015 he was asked to join them again on their run with Giraffage, two experiences that strengthened his passion for travel – a subject which has become a guiding influence in most of his music.

I had the honor to sit down with Dakytl himself while he is currently on TroyBoi‘s tour to talk about how busy his tour life is and how incredible the ride has been!

Mix 247 EDM: Coming from the UK, it seems like electronic music had a big influence in your life! Can you take us back to when and how you first started turning those tables?

Dakytl: I was studying at the University of Nottingham and my brother gave me a copy of “Reason”, and before then I was making music with my piano and guitar. I got obsessed with the track and started making beats with the audio and sound design. I just got completely hooked on it!

Mix 247 EDM: Your recent EP, The Art of Hesitation, came out back in June and we are in love! Walk us through the production.

Daktyl: A lot of the tracks on the EP that I made was up in this cabin in Northern California, where my friend and I set up a studio up there. We just set up a lot of gear in there and we would just experiment with it and have fun with the sounds up in the forest. In the end, we put it all together for the EP!

Mix 247 EDM: What inspired you to create the artwork for the EP?

Daktyl: My friend down in Australia designed the artwork! We spent a lot of time talking about the music and where it came from, and then he came back with this amazing collage of sketches, and we ended up narrowing it down and picked the ones that looked best!

Mix 247 EDM: Tuesday, the 19th, was your first night touring with Troyboi, what are you excited for? What city are you most likely looking forward to hitting the most and what are you most excited for within your sets?

Daktyl: I’m looking forward to all of them! I’m excited to be doing DJ sets because I’ve been doing a lot of live shows recently. It’s nice to switch it up – I get to play some heavier, weirder shit!

Mix 247 EDM: You also just finished performing at this year’s Nocturnal Wonderland! What are your personal differences between doing a set at a venue and at a festival?

Daktyl: In terms of venues and festivals, I guess the main difference is the sound check! At a festival, sound check is during the middle of the day when the whole grounds are empty and it’s pretty strange. Crowds in a festival are definitely more energized, but crowds in a venue are definitely sweet!

Mix 247 EDM: Wow, it looks like you’re doing a lot of shows the rest of the year! You’re also hopping on Hotel Garuda’s tour around the west coast! Do you feel like Troyboi’s tour and the Hotel Granada tour will give you different perspectives on touring?

Daktyl: Musically, it’s different, but for TroyBoi’s tour, I get to play some more weirder sets because of his music and the hip-hop influences that come to play. For Garuda, I’ll mellow it down a little bit and focus more on melodic tones.

Mix 247 EDM: What slang word do you wish would go away?

Daktyl: It’s ‘lit’! I’m so over it! Also, ‘yolo’ needs to go!

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