Behind the Beat: DJ Huntermark “I Would Be Lying if I Said it Didn’t Change My Life”

Behind the Beat: DJ Huntermark “I Would Be Lying if I Said it Didn’t Change My Life”

We sat down with Huntermark, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1337 resident DJ and producer, to talk about his life in the EDM scene, which he goes into full detail about on this weeks episode of PittsPLURgh Radio, airing this Saturday at 7p.m. EST on Mix 247 EDM.

Behind the Beat: DJ Huntermark

What style of music do you mix/produce? I stick to anything bass related, but my preferred genre is definitely house.

What got you into this line of work? I have always loved music. When I was 12 my, brother gave me his bass guitar and I loved it! I played in a band until I broke my hand and unfortunately that rendered me unable to continue playing bass. So, I instead took to producing rap beats and right around that time my friends were getting into EDM. Shortly after I attended my first rave, I knew from that point forward I wanted to pursue electric music.

How did you come up with your name? Some trial and error. For whatever reason, we all had fake names in the band I played in. When I was younger, I modified the name to fit the “EDM image” but nobody really picked up on it. It didn’t really make much sense when I thought about it. I figured everybody already knows me as Huntermark anyway, so I would just that as my DJ name. It’s easy to remember, it sounds pretty cool, and rolls off the tongue nicely. Third name is a charm [laughs].

Who are your biggest influences? When I was about four, my uncle gave me a single release of Daft Punk’s song “Da Funk” and I would be lying if I said it didn’t change my life. That’s when I really connected the dots of what producers are and how it’s a completely different game from what bands do. Deadmau5 is also a big influence of mine, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso. I can’t really pinpoint it to a select few.

Future Plans with Dj Huntermark

Being part of 1337 is a pretty big deal isn’t it? Oh absolutely! As one of the most renown rave event coordinators, bringing some of the hottest EDM names to the Pittsburgh scene, I worked so hard to get on their resident DJ roster and when they accepted me, I literally cried.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Where does any DJ want to see themselves in five years? I’ve got some really big dreams. I am already incredibly blessed to be able to play music around Pittsburgh. I hope one day, I’ll open my eyes and see a huge crowd of people all dancing and vibing to what I love to do.

Any notable events coming up? Hooligan Fest in May is an upcoming show I’m excited about! I’ll be dropping my next mix Overdose VI on March 6th, and if everything goes as planned I will be dropping an EP in the summertime.

Remember to catch a full in-depth studio interview with Huntermark this Saturday on Mix247EDM’s very own radio show, PittsPLURgh Radio, hosted by Cassie Raven.


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