Behind The Beat: Feelin’ The Beat With Audien

Behind The Beat: Feelin’ The Beat With Audien

Nate Rathbun, aka. Audien is showing off his skills in a Trance and progressive scene that many had mistaken for being dead and gone… because he is absolutely killing it!

Originally from Connecticut, when he was just eighteen-years-old, Nate had been silently been honing his skills with EDM. Having been brought up in a family with a mother that was very passionate about music in general, and a father that expressed his joy through guitar playing and singing, undoubtedly helped to shape Nate’s passion for music. Starting off with up-tempo techno gradually transitioning to trance and progressive, it did not take long fo prospect of tomorrow has appeared.

Audien is known mostly for his collaborations with Lady Antebellum and Deb’s Daughter, with the hits “Crazy Love” and “Something Better”. My favorite Audien hit of all time is “One More Weekend”, featuring MAX because his vocals blend in perfectly with Nate’s smooth synths in the track.

Last month, on December 16th, my crew and I attended Audien‘s headlining show at Park City Live in Park City, Utah and I can easily say that it was one of the best nights of my life. The crowd was on fire, the set and synths were on point, the energy was blossoming throughout the entire room. Yes, it was an incredible night! Listening to Nate up on the stage felt like entering heaven when he incorporated his own tunes while using other artists, such as HerobustJOYRYDE, and more. Yes, you can say that his set was THAT amazing!

After his show, I had an unforgettable opportunity to chill on the couch backstage with Audien himself and talk to him about his inspirations and his love for his beats and music in general!

You can watch the video below!

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