[Behind the Beat]: FIREBEATZ Stormin’ Their Way Through the World

[Behind the Beat]: FIREBEATZ Stormin’ Their Way Through the World

Meet Tim Benjamin Smulders and Jurre van Doeselaar, aka. Firebeatz!

Since storming onto the Dutch music scene in early 2008, this Holland based duo has swiftly deserved a reputable and solid name for themselves. In the summer of 2008, they released their first productions, “Speak Up” and “We’re Going Back”. Shortly after that, those tracks first received lots of airplay on several Dutch radio stations, including Radio 538 and SLAM!FM. That was stated obviously that they were about to conquer the dance world, especially having one of their most popular songs, “It’s Like That 2011”, reaching #1 in four different countries! Looking ahead, Firebeatz will continue to take over the dance floor!

Seeing the duo at Create Nightclub in Hollywood this weekend was a dream come true! After hearing their song “Tornado” a few years back, I instantly fell in love with the beats and pulses of Firebeatz. When they opened up with “Calabria 2008” for their set, I knew that their set was going to be insane. My friend and I were nonstop dancing to their music all night, especially when they dropped “Helicopter”, their duo with Martin Garrix!

That being said, I had an incredible opportunity to sit down with Tim and Jurre themselves backstage before their set to talk about their dynamics and their life in general! The interview is in the video down below, along with their social media and music links!

The Firebeatz Website

Apple Music







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