[Behind the Beat] Ghst Cmplx Mixin’ Up His Sounds

[Behind the Beat] Ghst Cmplx Mixin’ Up His Sounds

Meet Ghst Cmplx, aka. Zac Sager! He has become a name more that has been more frequently seen on flyers for the last year, playing at such venues as Avalon Hollywood, Exchange LA, and more! Over the last few years, this LA based producer/DJ has been the soundtrack for many party goers and clubber’s nights.

Born in the Bay area and raised on the East Coast, Sager decided at a young age that he wanted to produce dance music and play in night clubs. Once he moved back to the West Coast, his unique style started to develop and he’s been able to bring that vibe to more commercial environments, with playing everything from progressive/electro house to minimal and techno.

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Mix 247 EDM: Growing up all over the US, what motivated you to get into DJ’ing and producing?

Ghst Cmplx: Oddly enough, in 1999 when The Matrix came out, I heard the soundtrack and I thought to myself, ‘what the f**k is this music?’ and I found an artist named Hive, who does drum and bass, and I really liked that kind of style! Eventually, I started getting into dubstep and all that heavy bass style sound.

Mix 247 EDM: Why specifically dubstep?

Ghst Cmplx: When I first heard dubstep back in 2007, I enjoyed the aggressive sound and the beat to it. I still love drum and bass but dubstep was just so ‘out there’ and I just really liked the feeling. It felt like all my favorite genres mixed into one (hip/hop, metal, and other elements of electronic music)

Mix 247 EDM: How many hours would you spend a day creating and producing beats?

Ghst Cmplx: I started DJ’ing first, but one night before I went to a college class, I opened up Garageband and looked at some YouTube tutorials, while trying to figure out how the software worked. I ended up totally being late for my college class because of it, but it was all worth in the end! Whenever I had free time, I would be working on my own stuff (recording in the studio, exploring my sound, etc.)

Mix 247 EDM: Before regularly performing at Exchange, where and when was your first gig as a DJ?

Ghst Cmplx: My first performance was at this dive bar in Ventura, CA and I remember 15-20 of my friends showed up to the event. I got super hammered and started playing lots of dubstep bangers  – and a lot of people actually liked it! After that, I started playing at college parties and all that – and then somehow from there, I ended up playing at the side room at Avalon! It was totally unexpected

Mix 247 EDM: What is your favorite aspect to see in a crowd when performing?

Ghst Cmplx: There are two different looks that I really like: the shock when a heavy drop comes on and people moshing! I feel like I did my job well if people are moshing and have complete disregard for their surroundings and they’re just raging as hard as they can!

Mix 247 EDM: What would you say the most embarrassing moment in your life was?

Ghst Cmplx: I was at Hard Summer and I started drinking at 9 AM ’cause I’m an idiot. I drank a half a bottle of Jack Daniel’s stupidly and went to the festival while having more drinks. Right after Die Antwoord, I felt kind of sick but my friends told me to take another shot and handed me a flask and I just downed the whole thing. After that, we went to go see Zed’s Dead and I’m halfway through the crowd and the stage and all of a sudden, I just vomited all over the crowd! It was like watching Moses part the sea because everyone backed up and gasped and kept staring at me! It was so horrible! Then the next thing I know, I’m on the floor and my friends are giving me water and told me to eat some pizza. It sucked!

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