[Behind the Beat] GRUM Treats Trance As A Lifestyle

[Behind the Beat] GRUM Treats Trance As A Lifestyle

Meet Graeme Shepherd, aka. GRUM!

Originally from Glasgow in Scotland, he has recently found himself as one of the top ten selling progressive DJ’s in the world! His two most recent singles, “Shout” and “Under Your Skin”, has accomplished #1 in progressive & trance charts, along with being supported by well-known artists such as Danny Howard and Deadmau5. What a hard-working guy!

I had an amazing opportunity to ask him some questions about his background behind his music and how he feels about his tour.

Read below!

Mix 247 EDM: Being born in Scotland, trance is usually big over there – what were other reasons why you wanted to start producing?

GRUMI just really liked the idea of pulling tracks apart and then seeing how they were put together.  The idea of bringing sounds together and making them into something enjoyable to listen to seemed like a good challenge to me.

Mix 247 EDM: Why did you make your main focus on trance? Any inspirational ideas, stories, etc.?

GRUMAlthough I’m not really ‘proper’ trance, I think the fact the music contains a lot of emotion was the real draw for me, and the older stuff from around the Millennium has definitely inspired my sound!

Mix 247 EDM: When did you start touring internationally, besides only in Europe?

GRUMPretty much from the start of my career in 2009 I’ve toured worldwide.  I used to do more electro/80s inspired stuff years ago, so I got a lot of touring under my belt during that period.

Mix 247 EDM: Your recent remix of Seven Lions’ “Higher Love” just came out, want to give us an exclusive commentary of the background of your remix?

GRUMI first heard that track when I was on the Seven Lions tour at the end of last year.  He played the original version every show and it really got stuck in my head.  Anjuna asked me to remix it a few months later and I was really happy to have a play around with it.  I wanted to go quite stripped back with it to give the vocal space to shine!

Mix 247 EDM: I want to talk about one of your remixes, “Shout”, by Tears For Fears. What inspired you to remix that particular song?

GRUMThat was an idea I had been toying with for a while but couldn’t quite get right.  In the end, it came together nicely just a couple of days before ABGT 200 so I figured that would be as good a place as any to give it the first play.  I hadn’t intended to release it but Anjuna was keen.  It’s done really well so I’m happy it came out in the end.

Mix 247 EDM: Do you plan on producing more 80’s remixes?

GRUMIt’s not something that I particularly want to become known for, but never say never!

Mix 247 EDM: Who were your inspirations growing up? 

GRUMI was really into trance when I was a teenager.  People like Ferry Corsten, Gabriel & Dresden, Nalin & Kane, Push, etc.  Definitely stuff on the more melodic side. A bit of 80’s soft rock in there too (thanks, dad!).

Mix 247 EDM: What are your favorite things about each continent that you have toured internationally? 

GRUMEurope: Each country is small but has its own identity, food, culture etc.  On a tour you can be in a completely different place every day. America: I love the energy and enthusiasm for the music over here (and obviously Texas BBQ)! Australia: The weather, beaches, and laid back attitude. Asia: Futuristic toilets!

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