[Behind the Beat] Holland’s Biggest Female DJ, Made in June, Talks Music, Film and Fashion

[Behind the Beat] Holland’s Biggest Female DJ, Made in June, Talks Music, Film and Fashion

Made in June is a house music producer from Amsterdam who is crushing the EDM scene right now. She is the biggest female DJ in Holland (who run the world? GIRLS!) and is poised to have an awesome summer with a set at Mysteryland. This multi-talented artist was a delight to talk to, so read on to learn more about Made in June!

You’ve been producing music for 10 years – how did you initially get started in it? Did you grow up in a musical household?

Funny that you ask that! Indeed I grew up in a very musical household. My dad was a composer, and lead singer of a pop group. He made me sit down as a kid and listen to classical music like Stravinsky and name every instrument I heard. I do make songs on the piano since I can remember but when I started DJ’ing I started to produce Dance music to play during gigs.

Your bio jokes that you’d love to be the housewife of Calvin Harris – have you ever met him? Is there anyone else in the EDM world you would love to meet but haven’t yet?

No I’ve never met him just yet, he is often named as a reference if blogs described my music style. I do really feel every release of Calvin. The other person I really would like to meet is Steve Aoki. I saw him on Miami Music Week and we made eye contact hihi! And in 2008 he almost played at a party I played but he did not make it from Paris that night :(. I do have a release on Dim Mak named Paradise. A collab together with Laidback Luke. So I hope he heard of me ;P.

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You have a film background and direct your own music videos, which is so cool! Tell us a little bit about your creative process, and how you use both music and video to bring your ideas to life.

Thanks!! Well basically the ideas of my music videos start to grow in the studio when I work on a song. I never see it separately. With my songs and videos I try to tell personal stories. With my last release ‘A Train’ I started a bigger story which continues in video with my new release coming in June.

I love your sense of style – in addition to music and film, would you also consider fashion one of your creative outlets?

Thank you so much! I did do a collab with sustainable bag label ‘O My Bag’ where I designed a DJ backpack a few years ago. We made 100 bags and they sold out soon. Maybe in the future I do start a label with my concept Early Rebel. At this moment the focus is on new music and remixes and the combination of videos takes enough time for now hehe.

I live in New York City, so I loved watching your video for “A Train” because I recognized so many of the locations in it! What was it like filming that video all over the city?

So good to hear a New Yorker can appreciate the video :D! Well we filmed for 5 days because “A Train” had a sequel ;).. it was a really warm period so the Train was sooooo hot haha! Good thing was that we could swim in the ocean where Tjerk (the guy who is my lover in the video) could show his body. Always good for the girls and guys! I thought maybe people would reject us because we where a film crew but instead everyone we’ve met was really open to us en cooperative. So I only received love in NYC. Literally.

And what can you tell us about the follow up video, “City Lights,” which was also filmed in New York?

Well, all I can say to not spoil the surprise is that I’ve never been more personal in the video of ‘City Lights’. It’s a really big thing for me!

As the biggest female DJ in Holland today, what advice would you give to other women who are starting out in the EDM world?

The only advice I have is to focus on the music. This I can say to girls and guys who start. You just have to keep on going and never accept a no. Never ever let people tell you it’s a men’s world. Just send them your music and be open for ideas of others. Work together and learn. And one day you will receive an email of a big DJ asking for your music. For me that was Tiësto. He heard ‘A Train’ in Don Diablo’s Hexagon Radio and since then he supports all my releases.

You’re scheduled to play Mysteryland this summer, which much be so exciting since it’s one of the biggest festivals in Europe (and the world!). What are your plans for after that? Any new releases coming that Made in June fans can look forward to?

Most exciting thing is to play mainstage alongside Axwell & Ingrosso, Armin van Buuren, Deadmau5 & Oliver Heldens. I still can’t believe that fact and I’m gonna see them all play and learn. I’m super excited for that!! My plan is to tour in America after the summer. Big remixes are on the way and more releases so I really hope people come and see me play!

Tell us a fun fact about Made in June!

When I was 8 I wrote a letter to audition for ‘kinderen Voor kinderen’. That is a famous children choir like ‘the Mickey Mouse club’ is for America. My parents did not know about my letter. I did not tell them. Then they received a letter that I could do an audition. My mom was shocked that I’d send a letter all by myself. After two auditions they hired me and when they told me I cried and screamed so hard! It was scary haha.

Is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to?

I would love to give a shout out to ‘Tessa Rose Jackson’. She is the singer & writer of ‘A Train’ and we wrote ‘City Lights’ together. A really sweet fact is that she was the singer of ‘You and I’ that was my first Single. So this is the second time she sings on my record. That makes it extra special for me. Tessa I love you! This girl is so talented, it’s crazy! We have met because I made her music video of ‘lost and found’. That is 3 years ago.

Thank so much to Made in June for chatting with us! Definitely stay tuned on her Facebook and SoundCloud for her new releases, including the upcoming “City Lights!” And if you’re going to be at Mysteryland this summer (jealous!), don’t miss her set on the main stage.

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