[BEHIND THE BEAT] JUDAH Connects With Their Listeners About Their Music

[BEHIND THE BEAT] JUDAH Connects With Their Listeners About Their Music

Meet the collective musical works of Judah, aka. Daniel Davis and Christopher Nelson!

They are the ultimate duo for their many mixes of music that they produce! From trance to progressive house, they are always coming up with creative beats to connect with their crowds!

I had an incredible time sitting down with them at Sky SLC in Salt Lake City, Utah to talk about their passion for producing and sharing it with crowds all over the US. Read it down below!


Mix 247 EDM: How did you two meet? Were you guys friends beforehand?

Daniel: We’ve known each other since we were sixteen and we used to live right down the street from each other back in Minneapolis. We started DJ’ing and making music together (separately) when we were eighteen. Then in the beginning of 2013, we created ‘Judah’ together!

Mix 247 EDM: Why did you name yourselves ‘Judah’ to begin with? 

Daniel: It was just a cool name that I heard on a TV show but I also come from a faith-based background. So it’s one of the tribes of Israel and they were the ones that were the musicians and banged on the drums and they would go out in front of the war and ‘do the battle cry’. That was what I thought of because we just want to spread amazing vibes around people. So it just naturally came together when I told Chris about it and seemed cool with it! To be honest, it was kind of forced at the same time because we made a London Grammar remix and we didn’t have a name for ourselves – it was just out there! All of a sudden our track just got thousands of hits so it just came up out of the blue! It was very organic and natural!

Mix 247 EDMWhy did you two specifically choose ‘trance’ as your style?

Chris: It’s what we like! It’s more ‘progressive trance’, but it’s always changing. We have some trance tracks but it changes here and there!

Daniel: I wouldn’t even say the word ‘trance’, it’s more of an evolution because where we’re at right now, we don’t consider ourselves ‘trance’ at all. We never really made ‘trance’ tracks to begin with; they were always very deep and melodic tracks, like more progressive, except for a few that we did with Kevin Wild. It was just the trance family that actually embraced us as being one of their own, which is awesome!

Mix 247 EDMSince you two don’t consider yourselves critically as ‘trance’, what types of shows do you two usually perform at?

Daniel: We’ve always played at trance shows but we’ve never really played super ‘trance-like’ stuff. It’s just groovy, progressive, melodic, and techno.

Mix 247 EDM: How did you two meet Grum and how has it been touring with him?

Daniel: We’ve met him a couple of years ago at an Anjunabeats party in Miami where we were both playing. He ended up inviting us to Steve Angello’s party and we didn’t even know him! We all just hung out and had a blast together. Ever since then, we’ve kept in touch and we’ve exchanged styles of music! It’s also been great on the tour! We’ve only played in Dallas and Salt Lake City so far out of the fifteen gigs that he has and it’s been so much fun!

Mix 247 EDMIs there any particular song that you feel connects with the crowd?

Chris: “Zero Day” for sure! It was our first Anjunabeats solo release and it’s just one of those songs that any DJ can play because it’s just so groovy, fun, and lights up the crowd! It’s something that we’re really proud of; it just does well every single time!

Mix 247 EDMWhat is it about the music you two produce that gives y’all meaning in your lives?

Chris: That’s a deep question! I have a 9-5 job but that’s just for money. Music is my passion. There’s nothing better than going into the studio and cranking something out and having it be useful!

Daniel: Another aspect of that is when you talk to people and you hear their’s and your music and going through the motions of being an artist. For example, someone can tell you that your song that you produced helped them get through a breakup or that it stopped them from committing suicide. When it connects with people on a level that words can’t speak, that really translates to us, knowing that we’re doing something to help this world in a better way. It speaks to us on a very intimate level because we put blood, sweat, and tears into our music and we want to create this story that people can go to and experience something positive. That’s the driving force in it all!

Mix 247 EDM: If you two were to create your own festival, who would headline it and why?

Daniel: Eric Prydz!

Chris: Jeremy Olander!

Check out Judah on all of their outlets below!




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