[Behind the Beat] MARKUS SCHULZ Takes Us On A Ride To Where His Love For Trance Started

[Behind the Beat] MARKUS SCHULZ Takes Us On A Ride To Where His Love For Trance Started

Born straight ‘outta Germany, Markus Schulz has been an inspiration to the trance world for years!

Schulz immigrated to the United States where his love for dance music came during the grip of the country’s then-exploding break dancing scene. Now over the last ten years, he has fused the individual musical identities of trance into his own creative sound. That led him to be ranked in several high positions in 2008, where Schulz himself worked his way into the Top 10 of DJ Magazine‘s “Top 100” chart, landing at No. 8. Repeating the exact same achievement in 2009, he now stands at America’s No. 1 club DJ. Because of that, Markus Schulz has led a revolution in the trance scene – one that has gone to have its sound influence all around the world.

My once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hang out with Schulz, himself, at the Ilesoniq festival in Montreal, Quebec was absolutely unforgettable! We had a talk about where he all started and what he feels to connect with everyone when it comes to his love for trance.

Watch the interview down below!

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Also check out his new hit with Cosmic Gate, “AR”!

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