Behind The Beat: Said The Sky Filling Us With Inspiration

Behind The Beat: Said The Sky Filling Us With Inspiration

Playing piano and various instruments since the age of eight, Colorado native Trevor Christensen, aka. Said the Sky is coming forward with a fresh perspective on music.

With his melodic background and technical training into his music, Said the Sky works to capture everything beautiful in what people know as EDM. His last three years have been devoted to his production within his music, and the ideas that he brings build up in his head from his entire childhood to life. His music truly is an experience, and I was so lucky to capture it at his live performance in Park City, Utah for the Sundance Snow Fest during this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Said the Sky was the special guest for Marshmello‘s show at Park City Live this past Sunday night and it was one of the most astonishing live performances I have ever experienced. Just the way he was moving along to his music made me feel his vibe with the crowd. Some of my favorite aspects of his live performances included him playing the piano and drums up on stage while he was mixing, and I love how some producers incorporate live instruments into their sets.

Besides performing his own tracks, Said the Sky dropped music from other artists such as IlleniumFlume, and more and I couldn’t have been more in love in that moment. Personally speaking, I never really have listened to melodic EDM live before and I was anticipating what I was going to hear – but I was NOT disappointed. Trevor put on such an amazing performance that closely brought tears to my eyes – we all should have an opportunity to witness such beautiful, melodic, live music once in a while to remind us that life brings us joy.

I had an incredible chance to hang out with Trevor himself, backstage and talk about the inspirations behind his music! I’m so lucky to have gotten to know such an inspirational dude who just loves to do what he does!

Watch the interview down below!

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