[Behind the Beat] Talking Music, Mixing and Mindfulness with Laidback Luke

[Behind the Beat] Talking Music, Mixing and Mindfulness with Laidback Luke

Laidback Luke is one of the hardest working producers in the business right now. He’s a mega-star in the industry yet remains consistently grounded. Laidback Luke was kind enough to chat with Mix 247 EDM in advance of his set at EDC Las Vegas, so read on to learn more about what he’s working on, where he thinks the industry is headed, and more!

You started producing music in the ‘90s – what changes have you noticed in the dance world in that time?

A lot! But the biggest thing is how it came from being an underground, niche type of scene, to this multi-million dollar industry, is mind-blowing.

Do you have any thoughts about the future of EDM and where you see the industry heading?

Right now we’re on the poppy side of things. Where you see a ton of EDM producers making a lot of cross-over sounding tracks. A logical response to that would be for it to turn completely underground again, which might be interesting!

You seem to really love interacting with your fans and have a deep appreciation for them. Does Laidback Luke have a favorite story of a fan interaction or gift from over the years?

I have a ton! I think I’m most overwhelmed by people tattooing my name on their body. It’s an absolute honor! And makes me not want to change my logo lol. But I’ve come across couples that met each other at my show and who actually have kids now! The biggest gold of my career is whenever I hear my music got people through rough times. There’s nothing more inspiring than that to me.

Summer 2017 is a busy one for you, with a ton of club sets as well as festival sets, including EDC Las Vegas. Do you have anything special up your sleeve that fans can look forward to from your upcoming performances?

This is a very common question I get and I’m afraid I can’t tell you! Because I always spin on the fly. I never prepare my sets, not because I’m lazy, but I’m old school like that. Nothing is stronger than tapping into the mood, energy and vibe of the crowd and choosing the right track on the spot. But if done right, you can really take your set to a next level.

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When festival season is over, what will Laidback Luke be working on for the rest of 2017?

I’m happy to say I’ll be working on an album! Although I’m not sure if it will be finished before the end of the year, I’m happy to say it’s looking like a big project that I’m excited to dive into!

In an industry that’s known for excess and partying, your commitment to mindfulness and healthy eating is really admirable. While I’m sure you could write volumes on it, what are your top tips for maintaining a positive, grounded lifestyle?

Mindfulness is key! Every action you take, everything you set out to do, or not do, creates ripples in time, where there’s a consequence of your actions. So if those actions are procrastination, you’ll take longer to getting your goals. If you’re aware of what you eat, every time you eat, you’ll notice that it will work for you. But the same goes for human interaction. I assume, in the end you’d want the best for yourself right? So why not work towards that?

What about time management secrets? Between your music and performances, vlogs, Mixmash Records, and everything else you have going on, you’re one of the most hardworking artists in the business right now. How do you manage it all?

I might just also be one of the most boring people in the industry! The key secret for me has all to do with planning. The majority of my life is planned out! Only then, there’s no space for distraction and you’ll effectively utilize your time to get anything done that you set out to do.

In the current dance music environment, people often use the word “DJ” as all-encompassing, whether they mean DJing or producing. You have always stayed cognizant of the difference and I believe you consider yourself more of a producer, although you are certainly a talented DJ as well. What would you say are the implications of choosing one path or the other?

Although people see me as one of the more technical DJs around, I still see myself as a producer first. My first love was producing. I only dove into DJing 5 years after I started producing. But when I dive into something, I’ll give it my all. And then I want to know everything about it and will try and master it. DJing and Producing are two very different disciplines. Comparing them is like trying to compare a baker to a butcher. I hope people realize both are that much different.

You and your wife Gina Turner are somewhat of a dance music power couple. Can you tell us a bit about what it’s like to share your passion and be in this crazy industry together?

Sadly enough, she’s my ex-wife now! We recently split up up for the better. It was great to share our passion of DJing and producing together. But apart from that, we just drifted apart until we weren’t lovers anymore.

And how long do you think until your 3 year-old daughter, EvaLina, drops her first single? 🙂 Do you hope that she will follow in your footsteps?

Ha ha great questimixmashon! But in reality, it rarely works this way! For instance, Gina’s parents are both Chiropractors. But she became a DJ and yoga teacher! My dad is a mechanical engineer and he still kind of rolls his eyes to me being this guy on stage playing music. So I highly doubt EvaLina will think it’s cool what her parents do, let alone pursue a career like that.

As someone who has an amazing track record of spotting and bringing up new talent, can you share who the up and coming artists are right now that we should know about?

From our Mixmash camp we’re pushing Keanu Silva, Mark Villa, Pyrodox and Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf right now. If you don’t know them go check them out!

Tell us a Laidback Luke fun fact, something your fans would be surprised to learn about you!

My first talent in life is drawing!

Thanks so much for chatting with Mix 247 EDM!

Thank you so much for having me guys, it’s my pleasure!

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